Prayers For Jake

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Great news! First step to total recovery. Glad for you Jake. Home is the best place to recover.
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Jake glad to hear your home. Food should be a lot better. Hopefully you can also catch up on sleep nobody coming in waking you up every time you just fall asleep.
Haven't caught up on all the pages, but prayers for Jake and his family.

Just now caught this thread so sorry for the delay.
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Glad to hear your home Jake. Now if only Lucy was part of the Visiting Nurses program.

Jake slipped her his number and address as he was rolling out!
Glad to here your home bud. Hospitals suck, thats where all the sick folks hang out.
I'm sure Ms Emily is taking great care of ya. But, I'm only a few hours away if you guys need anything.

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Also late to the game, but my best wishes to you. One day at a time... and man what a stash!
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Jake, hate the issue but love your attitude. Sending prayer and angels to help with both.

Glad I read this before hitting post. It read, "Kale, hate the issue but love your attitude."

Keep smiling, Kale!
Appreciate it bud. It’s not the end of the world just another thing to deal with. I will be ok
Appreciate the love fellas! Nothing really new to update. Had a third endoscopy Monday but this time they sent an ultrasound down my throat with it. Said it would help locate the bad stuff so it could be removed. Eating a little better. Going to a concert at the ryman tomorrow with Emily so we can do some normal shit for a change. I’ll be the guy dressed as a real life stick man lol
Glad your back home and able to get some R&R! I'm sure Emily can rest better, too.
And sounds like the road trip was worthwhile 😆!

Going to a concert at the ryman tomorrow with Emily so we can do some normal shit for a change.
Enjoy that show man! I'm still regretting not pulling the trigger on tickets for Sierra. Gonna be good! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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