Pork Butt for the 4th

Discussion in 'Pork' started by gary s, Jul 4, 2014.

  1. Good morning,  Fourth of July Pork Butt.  The very first step in doing a proper Butt is put on a pot of coffee, then start firing up your smoker and preparing the Butt. I didn't get a super early start, because I wanted to sleep in and just cooking for mt wife and I. There will be plenty for the kids when they stop by, Grand kids are all out of town, and #1 and 2 sons are both working. be a relaxing day.

    I'll post a couple of pictures of where I am at so far.

    Gary S
  2. Sorry got side tracked

    Sam's pork butts 2 in a package

    $2.48 per lb.

    Front of package       A little blurry, That's what happens when you take pictures before 

                                    your first cup of coffee

    Rubbed and ready to go

    On the smoker at 7:30       Sure looks lonely all by its self 

    Those of you who have seen and read my post before, know I smoke at 225º,   But today since I got a late start (for me) I started at 300º for the first hour and will dampen back to 275º for a while the lower it a little later.    ..................   more to come
  3. Temp at 275º

  4. Happy 4th Gary !  A question....do you inject your pork butts and when you are smoking at 225...do you  spritz with apple juice or similar at any time? Thanks
  5. I usually do not inject, I have on occasion, if I am looking to add a little more or different flavor, And I do spritz, sometimes just straight apple,  juice, sometimes a 50/50 mix of apple juice and apple cider vinegar 

    Gary S
  6. geerock

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    Hey Gary, Happy 4th. Looks like we do butts just about the same. Rub 'em up a bit before smoking, no injection, spritz here and there with the juice / cider vinegar mix. Everything except temp. I went to 275 or better quite a few years ago. Let me know how you like the hotter cook. All the best to you.
  7. Update,  about 4 1/2 in. Put the beans on about an hour ago just put a rack of baby backs on.

    Pork Butt and Beans

    Added the Baby Backs,     Butt doesn't look quite so lonely now

  8. Sorry I missed the picture on the rib prep.  Pulled the membrane off the back, rubbed it down with EVOO and coated with my rub and a little extra black pepper and honey powder. the on the smoker.

    Ribs on for 30 min, beans for about an hour and a half pork butt for 5 hours

    Gary S
  9. Pulled the ribs to wrap

  10. Beans off the smoker and resting, about 4 hours in the smoker, you can see at about two o-clock where I had to get a taste

    Ribs wrapped and back on,       Butt coming along
  11. Looking good!  I have a butt on the smoker as well, I got an even later start though so we filled up at lunch and probably won't be eating butt until the fireworks are ready to go off.
  12. Sorry for so long in-between, got side tracked

    Ribs and boudin ready to come off

    Ribs, tender and juicy.   Pork Butt still smoking did wrap it to hurry it a bit

    We went ahead and ate, Had the Ribs baked beans and slaw then a nice desert

    And my better half made a Raspberry Cheese Cake for desert

  13. I forgot the Boudin !!!   turned out great we also had a couple of links with our ribs

    Gary S
  14. Pork Butt finally ready, Only took 13 hours but here it is and worth the wait.

    Bone slid right out

    Pulled some apart, going in the fridge

  15. waterinholebrew

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    Sure looks awesome Gary ! Thumbs Up I could make some of that disappear no prob ! LOL. Great lookin smoke !
  16. Thanks WHB,  it was a nice relaxing day

    Gary S

  17. I'm late to the party, but glad I got to see it. Fantastic coloring on that butt. That had to be some good eats for sure.
  18. Thanks

    Gary S
  19. Looks great!

    I have a Bradley smoker and such, doesn't combust wood hot enough to create a smoke ring, still tastes just the same...

    ..but .. what kind of smoker do you have? I'm looking for another.. a stick or charcoal that won't break the bank. All I have is a Weber 22 inch kettle grill, Bradley smoker and Big Chief smoker (for fish and jerky).. looking for something else. Thanks!
  20. Mine is a Reverse Flow that my son and I built several years ago.

    Gary S

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