Keeping Pulled Pork Leftovers Moist

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Original poster
Mar 1, 2024
So those of you who have dry pulled pork when you reheat it for leftovers. When I cook, I'll keep the butt in a pan fat side down to collect the juices, of course you can use a drip pan too. But when I pull the meat I'll put them in small shallow containers, dump some of the rendered fat into each container and mix it all up, then put them in the fridge. When you reheat the fat will melt down and make that pulled pork VERY juicy. Somedays I think it is tastier than when I first cooked it.
Fat is flavor, and sure enough it'll moisten up your leftover PP.

But I still prefer to use,
soflaquer soflaquer finishing sauce
crankybuzzard crankybuzzard pulled pork gravy (sauce).

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