Pork and Potato Sandwich

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This probably sounds like a boring combination but I promise you it is anything but.  I want to apologize for no pictures but this is something that happened last minute and I couldn't stop eating.

I took a rack of country style ribs and smoked them with Pecan.  I also threw on some sweet potatoes (with olive oil and S&P).  At 276 I pulled the ribs, foiled, and rested for an hour.  Then I pulled the potato (about 3 hours @ 230).  Next I sliced the pork such that it would easily go into a hamburger bun.  Then I did the same to the potato.  To assemble the sandwich I did the following.

I put my BBQ sauce on both parts of the bun.  Then a layer of pork.  Next a layer of potato.  Now a layer of packed dark brown sugar.  Followed by a layer of pork and finished with the top bun.  If the pork and potato are hot enough the sugar will melt perfectly.  The combination between textures and also tastes (sweet, salty, smoky, porky, BBQy) were AMAZING.

I suggest you give this a try at least once.
Ditto on the temps, Dude???   
No, those temps are way off.  You'll have to excuse my postings after helping my brother bottle his wine.  We, of course, have to taste before every bottle gets corked. 
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