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Pecan: MMMmmmmmm


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Yesterday I tried smoking with pecan chunks for the first time, and I love it. I got a whole chicken, then butterflied and brined it.  I opened a bag of mesquite charcoal under the brand name El Gallito, the little rooster, from a little Mexican store nearby. (I love shopping in small ethnic groceries.) I thought it would be briquettes but it's lump, big pieces. I started the fire with split maple in the charcoal, then ran it on the pecan chunks with a little more maple at the very end.

The aroma is fantastic. This morning I'm still smelling it on this shirt I was wearing while smoking. Linda left a plate of bones on the kitchen counter, and this morning the kitchen smelled exactly like a smokehouse. I'm not sure how much of the flavor came from the mesquite so I'll try cooking something with that alone. And, I'll go get another bag of it.

Side note: Back in the 1990s I was working in the grounds crew of a small college. They were set to demolish a house that had a mature pecan tree in the yard, the only pecan I've ever seen here in central Ohio. They were only waiting for the power company to come and remove a wire running through the branches. This was before I started smoking, and I wanted the wood for the fireplace. But they smashed and trashed the tree with a bulldozer when I wasn't there, and I was furious. BTW they also did that with a mature black walnut tree.

Sun and record warmth today, snow tomorrow.


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Hello Guys.  Pecan is only JUST second to mesquite in south Texas.  What I use for my English friends is 50% pecan, 25 %cherry and 25% oak.  That is my "go to" mix for everything.  Maybe a bit strong for fish but I am not a fish smoker.  I will use 100% mesquite for myself.  I am lucky my British wife likes it.  It is not to everyone's taste.  Can be a bit "heavy" and for NO use with fish.  I would eat cardboard smoked with mesquite; but I grew up gnawing on mesquite smoked brisket! Mesquite was the fuel and mesquite was the smoke. 
  Keep Smokin!



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We use a lot of pecan here--its Miss Linda's favorite, and I really like it too.  But hickory is my choice for most everything.



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I use hickory, oak & pecan splits.

It's what's available around here.

I have to say I do like hickory the best.


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