Mulberry as a smoke wood

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Feb 9, 2016
Southeast Florida
I have a mature mulberry tree (in addition to mango) and I've used the trimmings over the years in my fire pit but recently I had to trim it back radically due to a large broken branch.

Initially I thought I'd easily have a free cord of firepit wood but I read that it's a very good wood for smoking.

My issue is the latex in the outer layers of the wood. Aside from being sticky I read it's poisonous. I have no issues with it in my firepit but drenching vaporized latex doesn't sound appetizing or safe.

I suspect skinning the wood before chopping it up would be safe but does anyone have guidance on using mulberry to smoke?
Not sure about mulberry, but mango has some nasty oils that I wouldn't want on my food. Not even sure I'd want to be around that bonfire.
I've used Mulberry for years.
No idea what this toxic latex is that you speak of.

Flavor is much better than apple.
But...since it's a fast growing tree, it doesn't provide a good coal bed and produces a lot of ash.
Added to an oak or hickory fire it is a good wood for smoking.
Thanks all. It seems as if many use it without issues from the latex but I'll skin it before using it anyway.
Just doing some googling I think it'd only be a problem if someone had a latex allergy. I've used the pruned branches from a tree I have on occasion with no issues. I've seen mulberry wood sold online. I doubt it's toxic unless you are allergic.. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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