Beef ribs on the menu

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Nov 29, 2020
Statesboro Ga
Met a potential client this week that owns a lawn and garden center.
By the exit I noticed a freezer loaded with beef cuts. Says he also raises cattle and sells his meat here. So I ask about beef plate ribs and proceeds to give me 2 packs from the back cooler. FREE!
Says no one in the Savannah area will buy them. I assure him that I will be back to purchase in the future 😁
Very little trimming required and massaged with a little "W" Sause then applied Hey Grill Hey Beef rub the my friend Justin Rafter H BBQ Rafter H BBQ got me addicted to and some Lane's Ancho Expresso on the larger one. Used MC Holy Cow and Lane's on the other.
Got'em riding the MB 1050 loaded with B&B charlogs and pecan chunks at 250°


No peeking for 2 hrs so I'll check back in a bit.

In for the ride!! These and chuck are at the top of my beef list for smoking! My favorite little Mennonite market just added a freezer for local beef grass fed and grain finished I believe. Most the meat was dumb high priced but I noticed there were huge plates ribs @ $4.99 a lbs. They were cut in huge single bone sections. I'm going to inquire on whole plates.
I'd love to be able to find beef ribs around here.When they are available the price is ridiculously high.
Oh man Keith, those are going to be tasty! We like the “W” sauce too and I am glad you like that rub… it’s one of our favs… we always have a bottle on hand!
Bumped the heat up to 275 and getting good pull back but still got a ways to go for probe tender. Holding at 186 IT and plan to go nekkid but may wrap to speed things up a bit.
The bites are done and taking a nap in the MES at 145°

Well they turned out very good
but the riblets were the star
I failed to remove the false fat cap so the bark just pulled off and left the top of the ribs with no rub😮‍💨. That's on me.
The other one should be better and more flavorful. We'll find out tomorrow night.
Added some beans and grilled corn so still happy with the cook.

Thanks for lookin!

Better than good Keith. GREEEEEEEAT

Point for sure
Great start. I wish I could get plates around here.
Not sure how far west you are, but Sam's club sells them. They typically sell them flanken, but ring the bell at the butcher area and ask for the whole plate. Normally sold in a 2pk but I've also bought single racks.
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