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Jan 5, 2024
Texas Hill Country
Recently got an offset smoker for Xmas, and this will be my first foray into smoking. A local woodworker sold me some very cheap ($5 per stuffed feedbag) offcuts of oak, pecan, and mesquite but some of them are....well, questionable.o

Including some pics of some of the more questionable pieces. Musty/moldy smell and some seem a bit spongey. Not all are like this, and some are dry/seasoned as if they were kept indoors and still have some good weight to them.

Also wondering if I can use the pieces he included that are already sanded? I asked and he stated they are not treated and have no wood putty or anything like that, so I figure those should be fine, right?

I figure the ones that are too far gone I can just toss or just burn down to coals elsewhere and use as charcoal for temp control in my firebox. Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated!


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You should be fine. As long as the "moldy" ones go onto a hot fire you'll be good. The punky ones will burn faster as well

I pick up oak deadfall from around my place regularly and at times the fire evicts critters from the wood.

You did ask the right questions though, no treated wood or wood with additives (putty).
As others have stated it's useable. There is not one pic of any wood that I would not put in my stick burner
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Welcome home, I don't burn rotten wood and the 2nd picture it looks rotten not weathered,
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