News letter smoked corned beef question?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kawboy, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. I would like to try the recipe. My question is, what do I do with the seasoning pack that comes with it? Should I put it in while the meat soaks? Should I throw it in when I boil the cabbage? Not a huge deal, just curious.
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    Usually you'll put that little packet of spice in with the roast in your roaster, crock pot, etc.  Personally, I add an extra heaping tablespoon of corning spices, depending on how big the container is.  Once the roast is about done, add in the cabbage that you've quartered.  Hint:  Don't core the cabbage.  when it comes out, it will all stay together.

    Hope that was what you were asking.
  3. The newsletter has it smoking, not boiled. Your method is the one I usually use, just though smoked sounded good.
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    I just take the spice pack & rub it on top of the corned beef before putting it in the smoker.

    By the way, smoked corned beef is pastrami, you may want to put some pepper on it too.

  5. I did not know that, thanks.
  6. Well, I used Montreal seasoning and smoked about four and a half hours. Threw some potatoes in with it. Sliced it and made Reubens. They were quite good. I forgot to take pictures of the sandwiches.

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