new here looking for expert advise

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I have corned my own a couple times and used store bought for decades. I have found that soaking too long can remove ALL the flavor from the beef. My wife's stomach is sensitive to salt so I needed to find a way that keeps the flavor but reduces the salt.

Nowadays, like yesterday, I threw a 4 lb ($1.77/lb) store-bought corned brisket in a 9 qt Dutch oven filled with about 6 qts of cold water. Covered, brought it to a boil, reduced the heat to a good simmer, then cooked it for 4 hrs, flipping the meat every hour.

Took it out of the pot, let it cool on a plate, shredded, then got a wild hair. Grabbed the 14" wok, made stir-fried cabbage, onions, and garlic, added some rice vinegar, sugar, and a little soy sauce. Then I threw in the shredded corned brisket, and stirred to mix it all together.

I'm calling it Shogan Corned Beef and Cabbage! We both raved about it. I only used half a cabbage and it needed more. Gonna stir-fry the other half of the cabbage tonight with onions and garlic then add it to the leftovers. The salt and flavor level was perfect last night.

Happy Corned Beefing,

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thanks for all the advise I think I’ll try soaking and fry a piece to get it right thanks again
Welcome for sure you can get some good advice and we gladly hand out BS for fun so don't make a mistake. :emoji_laughing: But all in all it is a great forum.
Where in VA are you from? I'm from Maryland's Eastern Shore.

There are so many varied opinions on some of the basics of smoking so I'm looking for some consistant expert advise. I've used a charcoal smoker, gas smoker and now working with pellet smoker. My first smoke was salmon came out great and have been hooked ever since. Also beef brisket, ribs, turkeys (every thanksgiving), and chicken. Looking to smoke my first corned beef. My first question is how long should I soak a 3# corned beef. Google comes up with 48 hrs to 2 hrs. I hate to waste my time and meat by using poor advise.

Thanks, Dan from Northern Virginia retired
wwlcome from SE Florida.
I did my first his weekend. I went overnight and it was fine. the soaking thing is mostly for desalination. Being a fan of Virginia coutry ham, I wasn't too worried. Just for shits and giggles, i tasted the cure "juice", and it wasn't THAT salty. I think most posted recipes fear people will cook it out of the pouch and bitch (like Yankees do about country ham. I think you'll love it. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.