Newbie's Smoked Tenderloin (Pics)

Discussion in 'Pork' started by pinklincoln, May 7, 2012.

  1. pinklincoln

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    Well, I just got myself a Master built 30 Electric Analog, broke it in today with some pork tenderloin and I think I am in love..

    Recipe inspired by, we only ever eat tenderloin so I made my own variation of his recipe.



    Butterflied the tenderloin, lightly tenderized (pretty much to flatten out the uneven parts) sprinkled inside & out with salt, pepper, sage & rosemary. The stuffing was some failed cornbread I made, not sweet enough to my hubby's taste, so I had it dried out waiting to be used. Added some water, salt, pepper, sage, brown sugar, and chopped onions to the stuffing. Rolled it into the tenderloin. Just my luck, I had no butcher's twine, so I chilled it while the smoker heated up, it stayed together pretty well. Smoked with a blend of hickory and apple chips. 50/50 Hickory/Apple for the first hour, all apple the second hour. 2 hours at 230-250 till it hit 160 and it was pretty delicious. Light smokey flavor throughout with a medium/heavy smoke flavor on the ends (which were mine :D) It turned out really well,  quite yummy and didn't take too long so I was happy with it and it was very, very easy. Next time I think I will smoke it at a lower for longer, though this still turned out really well.
  2. rdknb

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    Sounds and looks very good, well done. 2 hours does seem fast but done it done :)
  3. johnnie walker

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    That looks like a very tasty pork loin to me![​IMG] It turned out great from the looks of it! Mmm! Mmm!
  4. pvillecomp

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    I like the Stuffing recipe - never used Brown Sugar in a stuffing - I'll have to give it w whirl.

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