Pepperoni Mozzarella sourdough loaf .

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Dec 14, 2013
OFallon Mo.
Working my way through all the dough I had pre mixed and in the fridge . This was half a batch , been in the fridge 9 days . I'm supposed to be spreading mulch , but I need to get something done with this .

Spread out on a silicone mat .
Shredded up some low moisture mozz. and chopped up some deli sliced pepperoni .
Fold in from the sides .
add another layer .
From there I rolled it up .
I stretched the tag end , and folded that around the ends to seal it up .
This stuff is really sticky . Managed to get it on the sling without tearing it .
Then into my bread oven , let rise on the counter with the lid on .
This is after baking @ 425 for 40 minutes with the lid on .
Went another 25 minutes with the lid off .
Pulled and resting .
Peak of the bottom .
This is pretty good .
Had a big air bubble at the top , but that's OK .
This had great flavor , and I even got some mulch spread while it was baking .
Well I have one more full batch in the fridge . Might just divide it out and do some experiments .
Heck yeah! I've done pepperoni rolls (a West Virginia staple that should go worldwide) but never in sourdough!
I saw those on a Chef's life . I remember that now that you mention it . Next time you make some post it up .
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Mulch looks good.....Bread looks better!!! (thats a fat boy talking)
Jim , those 5 bags kicked my back side . I used to be a machine .
As far as the bread ,,,, tag , you're it .
Looks great. Looks delicious 😋 as well.
Thanks bud .
Nice looking loaf.
I like my lawn, I don't have to mow it.
Thanks . Yeah , I mowed yesterday . I have another 20 bags of mulch , and probably gonna need 20 more .
Looks great
My wife would like that.
Yeah , it's good . I saw it on America's test kitchen . Was a Boston thing I think . More of a pull apart , but I like this .
How do you like the silpat?
I have one but not used it.
I got those for my Daughter . The circles are for cookies . Raw and then baked . Anyway , it's tough . It's different than the one I just use for mixing . My Son says it burns cookies , so I'm not sure if it would affect the bread or not . Not as much sugar ,
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Can you makes say breadstick that do not need the "dutch oven" treatment?
Sure . You could just open bake it as a loaf too . Be great as bread sticks though . I was thinking that , but needed to get working in the yard .
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That looks really tasty. I would love a nice slice of that!
Thanks . If you don't have the time , or your not setup to do dough , buy some pizza dough at the store . Could just be the Pillsbury roll . Cheese and some pepperoni .
Yeah I gotta make some.
With some dipping sauce.
That was a half batch . Works out about right that way . Not sure how long it keeps , but I have it in the fridge . A good olive oil or red sauce would be perfect .
Outstanding bread there buddy.
I appreciate that . I've been at it since I got the starter built up . Just seeing what works and what doesn't . I tried twice before , and failed , or really didn't understand how it worked .
So the direction from you made the light bulb go on . More to it than just the dough .
Knowing the starter is huge . I bet some starting out think it's bad and toss it before it ever gets going . I know now that you can't hardly kill it .
I have another tub in the fridge . Been 3 days I think . Just got some starter out of the fridge .
Looks like I'm baking today , and mixing another batch .
Man, you guys sure know how to make a guy feel lame about his cooking game. I always do the lazyman thing and buy the premade dough. Thanks for the push. 00 and semolina now on the list.
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