My UDS build! (Need a few pointers/tips)

Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by davey6, May 1, 2016.

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    So I've only run this the once yesterday, and it was cold here, alternating snow and sunshine anywhere from 0-10 degrees C (32F-50F).

    I got it up to around 225, and it didn't stay there for long, dropping off until I took the lid off, and then spiking up fast.

    I've got to put the ball controls back on but I only painted it yesterday and did my burn in to seal the paint.

    The pipes are 22mm (3/4 inch)

    I woke up this morning went to have a look and the barrel was cold to the touch, I only used half a basket full, and opened it to find unburned coals, and a small set of embers. I've taken the lid off now and it's burning well, enough to cook some bacon on...yeah I stopped for breakfast before posting.

    My main question and I think I know the answer, do I have enough air? I'm thinking I probably don't. Tempted to put one hole/pipe in at the bottom with no riser and leave it uncapped.


    ADDITIONAL INFO: Got some ribs on now, I'm only using a crappy old thermostat that is dropped in via the air vent but it won't stay hot, so lid off for a couple of mins, smoke going etc. pretty sure it's lack of air now, debating 2 more intakes no valves at the bottom, and keep the 2 with controls on as, well, controls. It burns away at 210 ish and then drops, when I open the lid it is obviously suffocating the fire.

    This last one was this morning ten minutes after the lid was off!
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  2. I would get a thermometer at grate level you can trust before making decisions about temp control. Your basket needs legs to raise it up a few inches off the floor, ash can also suffocate the fire. Not uncommon to give a UDS a swift kick after a several hours burning to clear ash. That's a nice clean looking barrel.
  3. davey6

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    That's a good point,I was debating some probe and a grommit with which to input it with. The idea of a turkey probe etc puts me off I would prefer a digital read, maybe a maverick or the like. I really would love a wireless one. I.e. clip the probe to the grill and it feeds out to my phone or something like it.

    Where's the best place? Dead centre just below the grill? I assume the temp is a bit lower off to the sides?

    I added legs to the grate yesterday before it's first use, it just struck me that it might choke itself on ash so I'm glad I got that one right! Didn't think to give it a boot/shake though.

    Thanks, I debated the high rise vents in red but ended up going matt black all over. Looks great in sunlight.
  4. dirtsailor2003

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    I have (3) 3/4" valved inlets & a total of 3" exhaust.

    Your charcoal basket needs feet and I'd recommend a built in ash catcher too.

  5. On Amazon "Weber #85037 Replacement Grommet for Weber Smokey Mountain"

    This is what I did instead. Silicon cut from a $3 spoon rest, copper ring and pop rivets.  Time-wise, I probably didn't come out to the good, just in the habit of making things. After all it is a UDS.

  6. davey6

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    The basket now has feet. the ash catcher is on the to do list. Thinking pizza pan or simialr onto the legs!
  7. davey6

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    Works for me! Thanks
  8. Haven't built one yet, but I think the lack of an exhaust vent on your lid is causing your problems.
  9. davey6

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    I've now got 4 of my exhausts on the top, and the other day I added 2 more intakes so 4 of each in total, bit harder on my last burn to manage the temp so adding in a grommet and better thermo is on the next list. The ribs were a combo of amazing and shocking, some like butter some rubber! Not sure if 5 hours of smoke was too much. Next time I'll go 3-2-1 on them instead of pure smoke I think!
  10. davey6

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    Right it's update time.

    4 x 22mm exhausts on the top.

    2 x 22mm intakes always open

    2 x 22mm intakes on the up pipes with ball valves.

    So far I have no issue maintaining heat, debating getting another ball valve on the bottom now as it sometimes flares up when the lid is off.

    I've smoked a few racks of ribs and some pulled pork the other day which was brilliant.

    Next thing is a grommet for the temp gage.

    Thanks for all the advice, only thing left to do is a bit of a clean up and pain the additional bits I added, weathers not been amazing recently and my first coat of pain suffered in a few spots due to the wet weather and not sealing. 
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