More pork from Iowa, Help with some left over rib meat please

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  1. It was another nice day in Iowa, mid 50s with little to no wind. So I took advantage of the weather and my smoker. Got a pork butt and a couple baby backs. For the butt I did my usual cupboard spice rub, ie about 10 different spices. Let it sit for 24hrs in the fridge and got it put on the smoker at 10am. for the ribs I tried three different rubs that I had and wanted to tast all three during the same smoke to see what I liked better. I did a 3/1.5/0.75 method which is what I like as the meat has only a small tug to come off the bone, prob going do a 2.5/1.5/0.75 method next time.

    I did learn a lot on this smoke, as in you can not fit a butt and three racks of ribs on the top grate of a 22.5 WSM. So when I put the ribs on, 230pm, I had to move the butt to the bottom rack which during that process of having the lid off the temp spike pretty high to 275F and took forever to get back to 225F even with the bottom vents 100% closed.

    Used mainly Pecan and Cherry wood chuncks with a few peices of Apple.


    Ribs on and the butt double wrapped with foil and moved to the bottom with and extra unwrapped piece of foil to sheild from the ribs drippings. IT was 165F


    Removed the PP from the smoker at 530pm IT 201F and let rest till 740pm, the bone came out pretty clean. I am leaning more on the wrapping method at 165F, in know the bark is softer than unfoiled but the cook time is way faster.


    The ribs off and rested for a short time.


    The pork butt made into PP.


    And the final product, sad that this was the only thing ate from all that meat. The three different rubs on the ribs were all tasty and I could only notice very subtle differences, so no clear winner, yet.


    Gonna vacuum pack the PP into small portions and the rib meat I may try doing some appetizers for the superbowl, I saw on here a week or so ago about some shreaed rib meat ABTs so I may look into that. Anyone have any suggestions of what to make with leftover rib meat?

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    Looks good! ABTs are always good, but for a really great idea you should package some up and send it to me in West Liberty.

    I'm always ready and willing to taste test good looking Q [​IMG]
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    Andy, good lookin' eats there. Gotta love them WSM's, huh. Those ribs will reheat in the oven very nicely. Just wrap them in plastic wrap, foil over that and into the fridge. They'll keep in the fridge for at least a couple of days. When ready for ribs again, remove the foil, plastic wrap, refoil, slap onto a cookie sheet and into a preheated 300°F oven for about half an hr/ 45 mins. Pop 'em outta the oven unwrap the foil and bingo! Another good rib dinner! Reheating them in foil helps to keep them good and juicy.

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    [​IMG]Even though your from Iowa...haha
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    I just nuke the ribs for 1 minute & they are ready to eat. I really like them cold too.
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    You don't even have to remove the Plastic Wrap and Foil...Plastic will handle up to 350*F wrapped in foil without melting. Restaurants commonly cover a pan in Plastic then Foil when they desire a really good seal...JJ
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    What's "LEFTOVERS" ??[​IMG]

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