JarJar PP Foiling/Finishing Sauce

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Sep 30, 2010
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This is what I am currently doing for my Pulled Pork.

I use my rub for the pork.


I then will add with the pork in a pan the following. This is enough for 2 Shoulders.

1/2 c.   Apple Juice Concentrate

1/2 c.   Apple Cider Vinegar

1 c.      Beer 

(I use a lighter beer for this, I have used dark or heavier beers and they get too bitter for me)

I place the pork in a hotel pan and cover with plastic wrap then foil and place the pork back in the smoker at 225 or in an oven at 200. I cook at a higher temp (250-275), so I usually don't put the pork in foil to finish cooking, it is only during the resting period I will foil.

The reason for the temp difference is because i usually will have more stuff cooking in the smoker and need that temp. You only need to keep the pork hot for service.

Added info:

I will save the juices and slightly cool to remove some of the fat. I try to get as much as I can, but don't get to stressed over it.

When it is time to pull the pork, I pull it coarsely with my fingers, I prefer to have chunks of the pork not shredded. I can also get a feel for the texture of the pork. If it is over cooked it will get mushy and if under cooked it is a challenge to pull it. I will add the sauce as needed back into the pork as I mix it. If I have any left (which I usually do) I will add a bit of your choice of BBQ Sauce to form a slightly thickened dipping sauce (Jus Lie style), it is about a 3:1 ratio of pan juices to BBQ sauce. I do not add the drippings with the BBQ to my pork. I let the guests do that. I usually have a ton of store bought sauces around for people to try. I have not quite started the sauce part of my journey yet and with 3 very opinionated teenagers in the house, I tend to give in on a few things. The sauce is not a sword I want to die on yet. I put a little orange zest in my rib rub once months ago, I still hear about it.

Here is a link to one that has this finishing juice/sauce.


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Jeramy, morning...  Sounds good....  Do you reserve the sauce and add as needed ??  Do you cool and skim the fat ??  You are sounding like mom here.... not giving all the steps and ingredients...  
 ....  Give up your secrets... I know you can cook some great food....   Dave 
Sorry Dave..... Sometimes I put the cart before the horse. I will edit the original post.....
Added info.... Thank You Dave for pointing out my laps in thought.... I will try to not let it happen again..... I sometimes get ahead of myself and forget the details I take for granted......

I did this one very quickly and did not really think it through..
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Nothing to be sorry for.... Just giving you a poke in fun, like the "sounding like mom" part....   Just thinking of what others "may have wanted to ask" about your techniques....  but were "too shy to do so"...  Trying to "fill in the blanks" so to speak....  Dave   
OK so now that I have gotten to a CPU that works. I have edited the first post to include more details.

I did not take it as anything but pointing out where I had come up short with details. You are doing your part as a Moderator and ensuring that this site continues to grow and be the best.
Nice job and that PP looks perfect..." Jus Lie "...
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Good post. I have two 8oz. mason jars full of pork juice that I was going try some new things with. I'll give this a whirl... Thanx
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