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JarJar Pork Rub Recipe

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This is the rub recipe I am using at this time for all of my pork. It is a sweet rub with a good balance of flavors.





1c             Sugar in the Raw

1/4c          Fine Ground Sea Salt

4 1/2tsp    Granulated Garlic

4 1/2tsp    Course Onion Powder

2 1/4tsp    Celery Salt

1 1/2tsp    Ground Oregano

4 1/2tsp    Chili Powder

4 1/2tsp    Fine Ground Black Pepper


For some heat I would add 1tsp smoked chipotle powder. The boss does not like spicy food so I don't at home.


This is enough for 2-3 butts or 2 shoulders or 6 racks of SL rib racks. Will vary on size and how much you apply.




Mix all ingredients well and rub onto the meat generously..


Here are some links of it being used:











This is the link to the foil/finishing sauce I use...



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jarjar, that rub looks good, I am going to hijack it and tweek a bit for my fans.  I will let you know how it turns out.  Thanks for sharing this.  Steve

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Just saw this - looks like a good one for me to try out smile.gif  Thanks for sharing!

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Jar Jar looks great will try on my next pork butt thanks for recipe.

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Will be giving you recipe a try. Have already copied and pasted it as well as your 'foil sauce'.


Thanks for sharing.

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Jarjar, that sounds like a good Rub... I noticed you added some "Chili Powder" ; was it a commercial blend ???


Just my option, but I feel there is too much Salt in the Off the Shelf blends , leading to over saltiness.


IMHO , I use "Pure" ground Chiles- N.Mex. , Ancho , Anahiem and so forth , I get a more controled blend that way and the flavor is a lot better.


I realize you are a Chef , and I trust your advice , but it's just my opinion.....cool.gif


Have fun and...

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Going to give your rub a try. Thanks for sharing.



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I still use this recipe. The only change I have done is with ribs I cut the salt in half.

Hope you enjoy the recipe.
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