Italian Sausage And Pepperoni Pizza (Pics)

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Apr 14, 2013
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I've really been trying to dial in my pizza making the past couple of years and I'm finally getting there. This was a pretty basic pizza but it's probably the best one I've done to date. Used the rustic Italian pizza dough kit from The Prepared pantry, got that made and let it proof in the heat of the back patio for a few hours, then got things rolling.

The dough after proofing. This is a big bowl so that's a fairly large ball of dough. I add Italian herbs and some Parmesan to the ingredients before mixing it.

Some fresh shredded whole milk mozzarella

Roll out the dough, get it situated on the CI pizza pan, add sauce and some crushed red pepper

Spicy Italian sausage browned and draining

Add the sausage and pepperoni

Green bell peppers and onions

Lotsa mozz (about a pound of cheese)

Onto the grill

All done after about 15 minutes with the grill running about 425

My slice to start with

I couldn't have been happier with the way this one came out. Part of what made it so good was that the dough, sauce, pepperoni, and Italian sausage were all homemade. You're just not gonna get that from a take-out place and it makes a huge difference. This pizza was thick, heavy, and very filling. That slice on the plate weighed close to a pound with all the goodies. One thing I'm obsessed with where pizza is concerned is getting toppings all the way to the edge. I hate going into a pizza place and ordering a 14" pizza, they don't put toppings within 2" of the outside of the crust, and what you get is a 10" pizza and 4" of bread. This crust came out perfectly cooked and the CI pan heats very evenly. Nice little crunch to the crust but still soft and just delicious. After pizza being a nemesis of mine for so long it sure is nice to finally be turning out some good stuff. We're finding ourselves wanting pizza more often now that things are getting dialed in and are discussing getting a 16" Ooni. My only issue is where I'd put the thing. The business end of the patio where all the cookers are is pretty well filled up. Oh well...we'll figure it out if Tracy decides we need a dedicated pizza oven.

Thanks for dropping in and we'l see y'all soon.

sure does look like ya got it dialed in Robert, looks fantastic! now i want pizza for supper.
Looks great. I preheat my cast iron for a crispier crust. Makes assembly a bit dangerous but works well
That all looks delicious Robert. I would prefer a little browning on the top, but then that’s just me. All around excellent cook, as the usual.
I was waiting for this after the teaser pic of the dough the other day. You Sir, Did not disappoint.
I'm with SE above, which the Ooni will do.
Looks amazing! I gotta get back to those bbq pizzas again. Great inspiration, thank you for sharing!
The spices in the dough and crushed peppers sprinkled on the sauce, my Lord that has to be good! Thanks for sharing your Masterpiece with us Robert.
That looks great. Your choice of toppings is perfect for me and my SIL. Bev and Amanda prefer plain or maybe 1 topping. You mentioned Crust. The Pizza we grew up on always has about an inch wide crust. Got to have a way to Pick Up your slice!...JJ is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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