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Help choosing pellets


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I’m new to the pellet smoker world. In the past, when using a stick burner or charcoal with wood chunks, I’ve used all kinds of different woods. I like a fair amount of smoke flavor, but not to the point where it’s the overly dominating flavor. I like the aroma of hickory, however it always leaves a very bitter aftertaste. I also use a little cherry for color.
I thought about trying a 50/50 blend of Lumberjack pecan and cherry, but wasn’t sure if the pecan would give me a strong enough flavor in pellets? That being said, in the pellet smoker world, what pellets would you recommend to achieve the flavor profile I’m seeking?

JC in GB

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I change the smoke profile for my smokes with my mood. :emoji_laughing:

When I use pellets, I always use Lumber Jack. I really like the LJ Oak/Cherry/Hickory pellets. Other on this forum like the Maple/Hickory/Cherry blend. I haven't tried that one yet but is on my list to purchase next go around.

Have you tried Oak/Cherry blend yet? That may get you what you are looking for.

JC :emoji_cat:


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I'm a fan of hickory but I like a little stronger flavor, just keep in mind with a pellet smoker you won't get a over powering smokiness flavor, a lot of us here will use the amnps tube to add more smoke. As far as brand I use pitboss because of the price but quite a few here dont like them so you'll have to see what works best for you.


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. I like a fair amount of smoke flavor, but not to the point where it’s the overly dominating flavor.
You may want to invest in a smoke tube then. I use the 6" tube just about every smoke I do in the pellet. Can use what ever flavor you wish in the tube then instead of switching pellets in hopper.


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Welcome. I think you will find that hickory will not be bitter when it comes to pellet smoke. I use 100% hickory (Lumberjack) for everything, as it give a good amount of smoke flavor without the need for a smoke tube, while not being too overpowering.


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this is very subjective and hard to answer IMO. there is a long thread here somewhere on the topic where many say they cant tell a difference at all in various pellets. I think there is some subtle differences. I started with cookinpellets perfect mix. it was a little too mild for me. switched to rec tec ultimate blend and liked it much better. about to try lumberjack comp blend after many recommendations here. I want one pellet for all cooks and the blends seems to hit that pretty good. I think you just need to pick some quality pellets and run 20lb through and see what you like.


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Don't worry about the pellets being too strong. 100% hickory pellets will still be very mild and not bitter. In fact, you'll want to get a pellet tube to supplement smoke production. Pellets in the tube burn slower than the pellets in the firepot, which gives a stronger flavor. In my opinion, using wood chips in the tube is WAY better than pellets. Burns for less than half as long, but the smoke smells like real wood smoke, not the muted smoke of a pellet and I get better defined smoke flavor on the meat from chips in the tube. I get the coloration on the meat from burning pecan or cherry. No pellets can do that. I'm convinced they're losing a lot of oils and other organic compounds in the pellet manufacturing process.

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