Hankering for a Cubano sandwich

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Jan 16, 2024
Southcentral PA
Yesterday I left for work and asked my wife to think about what she wanted for dinner. Options changed when I took a half day off from work (I normally work 6am to 2 pm) and was headed home just before 10 am. Stopped at the local grocery store and there were some pork loins on fire sale, so I got to thinking, haven't had mojo pork for a while, why not try that and a cubano sandwich for dinner?

Wife texted me about the time I got home and said how about burgers or dogs, etc, I said how about a cubano, she was on board. She originally introduced me to the sandwich a few years back when a doctor (she works in a local ER room) catered lunch for the staff from a local Cuban restaurant, and they all raved about these sandwiches.

SmokinEdge SmokinEdge fueled this without knowing, I saw this recipe on the KA website: https://www.kingarthurbaking.com/recipes/cuban-sandwich-recipe when I was looking at the NOLA roll recipe he posted a while ago.

Didn't have much time, so I injected the citrus marinade into the pork loin (used freshly squeezed orange, lime, grapefruit juice and salt) then rested it for a couple of hours in a ziplock bag w/the rest of the ingredients, namely a lot of cumin and garlic and them some more garlic. Another hurdle was the wind direction, it picked up from the south as a storm started moving up the coast, so it was blowing directly on my electric smoker, had to run it at 350 just to achieve 250*F.

Cubano dough rising...


Pork loin injected, removed from the marinade and coated with salt/pepper/cumin/smoked paprika/oregano and dried cilantro.


Rolls finished...


Pork finished (ran to 145*F), rested for an hour, sliced...


Sandwich constructed, note to self, make the buns about 1/2 an inch shorter...


Finished sandwich. Nice meal for a Friday night. Wife had 1/2 one of the leftover sandwiches and said it was just as good reheated as the original.


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Good lookin' sandwich!

I'll have to check that KA recipe out for the rolls.
Not particularly happy with the one I have.

Thanks for posting.
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I love a Cuban and would gladly eat one of yours.
Oddly some of the best Cuban's I ever ate came from Boeing cafeterias.

Appears you remembered mustard that the KA recipe omitted.
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Now we have to break out our panning press and make a Cuban. It's been collecting dust for over a year. Those Sammies look great Craig.

Point for sure
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