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    Have been in the catering business for about 3 years. Do a lot of BBQ and outdoor cookouts.  I am smoking quite a few chickens and spare ribs at the same time.  As you add more meats to the smoker your time factor is affected.  Can anybody tell me if there is a sure fire way to estimate how much longer you should cook the meats as you add items to the smoker instead of guessing?

    Thanks from Giovanni.
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    Hi Giovanni, I can't answer the question, but thought I would say hello and welcome to SMF. Most of us here cook to internal temps and only small amounts, but I'm sure someone will be along with some ideas for you! 
  3. Good afternoon and welcome to the site. A lot of factors involved, your smoker, size, temp, etc. This is something you will have to figure out. Just allow plenty of extra time so you won't have a bunch of hungry people standing around. I don't cook for large crowds but I do usually cook a variety and shoot for everything being ready pretty close to the same time. Here is a bunch of stuff I smoked several weeks ago.

    Gary S

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