Pork shoulder questions

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Nov 10, 2023
Wanting to tackle smoking a pork shoulder for the first time on my new OKJ Bronco drum smoker. Assuming my meat is in the 6-7 pound range (I think that's pretty average), what's a good temperature to target for the chamber? I'm thinking 250-260F might be appropriate. And if I'm able to maintain that temperature, what would you estimate the total cook time to be to reach sufficient tenderness? I'm guessing 8-9 hours which would be similar to that of my last brisket of a similar weight. It's my understanding that 195F is a good target for the internal temperature, but once reached, is it typical to wrap and rest for some period of time (hour or two?) just like with a brisket?

Any tips on this are appreciated!
I personally like the 225-250° F range, well, for most everything.

I smoke over hickory until it hits 165° and then wrap until 195°/probe tender, and then FTC (foil, towel, cooler) to rest for however long you need.
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All good advice above....Will stress again....Its not done till the probe (i use a bamboo skewer) slides easily into ALL parts of the meat. You may have pockets that are slower to break down than others.

I'll ride at 250ish throughout the cook unless I start to see it stall. At that point I'll boost it up to around 275. I do pull at / around 203-205. Again, just go by touch at that point. If the protein has pulled away and loose around the blade bone it's pretty much done.
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