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Good morning all, set the clock for 4:30, woke up at 4:15 so I got up.

First order of business (Start Coffee) , then I pulled out everything I am smoking to take a picture. Everything back in fridge. except for the Brisket and Pork shoulder.

Started getting my smoker ready. I had a partial bag of lump left still have a few splits of hickory and picked up some pecan yesterday from #2 son. Hooked up my trusty weed burner and started the charcoal. Also went over my racks and inside the CC to help get it up to temp quicker and get rid of anything that may have been left from last time, brushed down the racks and went to get the meat ready.

Full packer Brisket about 12# and a 9# pork shoulder;

Trimmed up the brisket, rubbed it down with a little EVOO then salt and course ground black pepper.

Shoulder was rinsed, rubbed down with a little yellow mustard and my BBQ rub

Both on the smoker at 5:30   What can I say, I'm old and getting slower


It is now 6:10 and getting light, I'll post a couple on the smoker 


Here are some pictures I have so far



Brisket, Pork shoulder, St Louis ribs, Boudin, 2 packages Country style ribs and 4 packages of Kielbasa Sausage






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More Pictures




Brisket & Shoulder


Settings on my FB door for now, getting ready to dampen back a bit

Nothing but Thin Blue Smoke


 My smoker is straight out the patio door, so I can sit in my recliner, drink my coffee, post on SMF and watch my temp gauge



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Awesome Start, Gary!!!


Beautiful TBS going!!!Thumbs UpThumbs Up


Be Back.






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Two hours in, added another split and a couple scoops of lump. Spritzed both with 50/50 mix Apple Juice & Apple Cider Vinegar  Back to my recliner and working on second pot of coffee.


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Hey Gary, lookin GREAT!!! Makes me wish I was in East Texas!!! What temp are you smoking at?
I did a pork butt last week.
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Went ahead and started the baked beans so I could get them on the smoker, Picture of the smoker 3 hours in.  I guess one picture didn't take of the onions sauteing with the bacon 




Very thin Blue Smoke, Mostly heat


Holding a steady 225º

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That all looks great Gary ! Looks like your in for a fun day...... Good for you !
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Beans on the smoker


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Love the thread Gary!  I felt like I was there from the words and pics as I sat here sipping my coffee.  Could even smell the smoke.  Inspired me to put my shopping list together for today (busy week), including Tri Tips for my wife, Brisket for me, another batch of Dutch's Wicked Baked Beans for both of us.  Thanks for the wakeup read! 

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You are welcome, always a good day when you have a smoker full of meat and a lot of good friends to post pictures and visit with.


Have a great weekend


Gary S

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Looking good Gary, Not sure about Texas but here in N.C our brisket prices have sky rocketed up to $9  #

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Originally Posted by gary s View Post

Beans on the smoker

Oh my.... That is a beautiful sight!!!
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Getting ready to wrap at 10:30   Brisket in Butcher paper, Shoulder in Foil   I'll post pictures.  Holding at 225º  nothing but thin blue smoke.




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lookin' good Gary.................
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I think I paid a little over three bucks a pound. Pork is what is getting high  Pork Butt $2.97 lb.



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5 hours in, pulled both brisket and pork butt to wrap, then back on the smoker.





Time to start prepping the ribs, probably go on around noon or a little before.

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Lookin awesome Gary ! icon14.gif
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Prepped the Ribs, 1 rack of St Louis and Packages of Country style, Guess i'm on a mustard kick today.



Here is where I pulled the membrane off the underside



St Louis & Country Style Cleaned up and ready for seasoning


On a Mustard kick tody



My regular Rub   and -------   waiting to go on


Sausage and Boudin a little later,  Ribs going on in about 15 min.


I am 6 hours into my cook, only another 6 or so to go.



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Ribs are on, be in a holding pattern for a while


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looking good Gary , How many people you plan on feeding ?

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