Error 500?

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Meat Mopper
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Aug 21, 2006
Shreveport La
Seems a number of times today when clicking various forums I have gotten an Error 500 message. It seems to do it on a couple of different forum sections and sometimes even when I load the Index page.

It is working "now", but who knows how long that will last. Not sure what Error 500 is, but figured I would let someone that might know in on this little happenstance.
You too?! I thought it was my 'puter and re-stared it but every once in a while it still does it. Not a computer guru though. Anyone else having this trouble? Daun
I have been getting the same error 500 message. 3 times before I could post this.
I had the same trouble this afternoon as well as this evening, thought it might be my server but apparently not.
I've never sent a message to Jeff but should someone do that? As previously stated, not the guru in this household- thats what my sweet (and currently snoring) hubby is :lol: .
Hi Daun, have not yet had a chance to say hello to you but have enjoyed reading your posts!! Yes I think somone should let should let( oops hiccup) Jeff know, not sure how to do that myself, cajun_1???
I received an email from our webhost today saying that we apparently overloaded the servers and as a result of that they have made some changes to restrict it from happening again..

The only thing I can figure is that when I sent the newsletter this morning, there must have been a ton of people who tried to access the link to the "Get Together" all at one time.

I will have to speak with them and see if I can get things back to normal. Until then it may be a little trying on the patience.

I will see what I can do.. here is the email if anyone is interested:



We need to inform you that we had to impose some additional limits on the system resources usage for your account. These measures have been taken in order to cease a very high load on the server hosting

To be more specific, we have limited:

- the number of processes your site can run at a time (3 concurrent processes)
- the execution timing of all your scripts (10 seconds per script)

The limitation barriers can be reached in cases of high load. We have to ensure that any such high loads would not affect the proper operation of our server. For your information any high server load could affect the performance of all the other web sites hosted on the same machine.

Best Regards,
Dimitar Ivanov
Abuse Team

TulsaJeff, Thank You for informing us. Glad to hear that your people informed you.
Bad news folks..

It seems that we are up the creek without a paddle.. They are not budging on their stand so this will force us to make some changes most likely.

Here is what they said and I suppose it sounds somewhat convincing after seeing their data.

I would just like to say that it is a fine day when a lowly smoking meat forum causes such an earthquake on the server load that they actually want us to take our forum off the server and move it elsewhere.

It is a bad problem for us in one way but I think that has to make history somehow :D :D

All of you food porn-a-holics are at fault and you know it.. someone slobbered all over their keyboard and shorted something out all the way to the main frame! :lol:

All kidding aside.. here is the email they sent back after I put up a great argument about how I was their best client.. yada..yada.. yada..



Unfortunately we cannot restore the default limits for your account as
this will seriously endanger the server stability and performance.

The problem is not caused by the newsletter you have sent today
(although it may have contributed to the load your site causes).
According to our statistics your account is causing most of the load on
the hosting server for the past several months.
You may check the statistics for this month:

Date: Average CPU time (%):
2007-01-28 221:58 (34.04%)
2007-01-27 180:32 (24.43%)
2007-01-26 212:12 (30.34%)
2007-01-24 220:56 (28.15%)
2007-01-23 196:42 (28.52%)
2007-01-22 203:14 (33.36%)
2007-01-21 241:10 (32.63%)
2007-01-20 209:14 (31.12%)
2007-01-19 206:05 (26.71%)
2007-01-18 192:44 (26.84%)
2007-01-17 207:22 (26.58%)
2007-01-16 213:35 (28.26%)
2007-01-15 249:45 (36.67%)
2007-01-14 277:39 (39.47%)
2007-01-13 155:04 (18.10%)
2007-01-12 270:01 (32.05%)
2007-01-11 155:30 (23.79%)
2007-01-10 174:54 (21.56%)
2007-01-09 156:15 (22.86%)
2007-01-08 197:07 (31.40%)
2007-01-07 224:45 (33.08%)
2007-01-06 208:38 (28.90%)
2007-01-05 171:44 (21.24%)
2007-01-04 190:56 (17.82%)
2007-01-03 144:50 (23.12%)
2007-01-02 218:06 (29.25%)
2007-01-01 223:00 (34.40%)
2006-12-31 223:23 (30.21%)
2006-12-25 240:45 (34.06%)

And for the previous months:

From Date: To Date: Days: Average CPU time:
2006-12-18 2006-12-24 7 212:01
2006-12-11 2006-12-17 7 177:39
2006-12-04 2006-12-10 7 168:28
2006-11-25 2006-12-03 9 168:00
2006-11-18 2006-11-24 7 168:20
2006-11-11 2006-11-17 7 126:49
2006-11-04 2006-11-10 7 127:14
2006-10-28 2006-11-03 7 98:22
2006-10-17 2006-10-27 10 64:39

As you can see, since October 2006 the load your site causes has
increased dramatically.

For your reference even the most heavy system processes running on the
server have used less server resources for the past few months -
vpopmail - usually the process requiring most server resources is using
an average of 20% of the CPU time available, while your site goes over
30% quite a lot of the time.
Since we run a shared hosting environment we cannot allow a single user
to occupy all of the server resources - as this affects the performance
of the whole server and all other account hosted there.

Unfortunately it seems that your site has outgrown the capacity of a
shared hosting environment. Our advise is to seek for a good
VPS/dedicated service provider and move this site there, as the server
resources it requires cannot be satisfied by a shared hosting server.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Ivailo Ivanov
Abuse Coordinator

I think the server now is able to host pictures for some folks and pics are considerably large files, not sure if requiring folks to use a 3rd party host (ie imageshack) would help with the CPU usage from the host end. Also not sure what is needed to upgrade to a dedicated host server.

I can inquire with a buddy or two and see what he recommends. (He runs an ISP and hosts my websites for me).

How many "hits" is SMF getting each day?? There has to be something that is pushing the limit. A mostly text based web forum should not require that much resources.
SMF gets between 60 and 80 thousand hits per day.. this month we are at 1.4 million hits so far to give you an indication.
Not to confuse the serious subject here :oops:

The new post mechanism is really not acting right

A quick post never goes anywhere but to the Long post page (icons)
you can't do more edits there and by the time you mess around a lot of us are getting 2 or 3 identical posts submitted.

Could it be the SPAM BOT thing?

Jeff wishing you well on preserving this forum :!: :!:
I thought maybe it was related somehow until I spoke with the hosting guys and found out that they imposed some harsh limitations on our part of the server yesterday morning which is creating these errors.

The forums wants to run all of these scripts when someone posts and we are limited to 3 at one time.

They claim that our site is taking up 30%+ of the servers resources at any given time.

It looks like we will have to go to Virtual Private Server or a Dedicated Server to fix this problem. I am also looking at switching over to Vbulletin as well at the same time.

Hopefully this can all happen in the next week or two.. I am sweating moving this entire database to a new server but maybe it won't be that bad.

I will try to make it as seamless as possible so as to not interrupt conversation here but it may be down for a few hours.

I will let everyone know when this will happen as soon as I know something for sure.
What newsletter? I didn't get any notification. I had the error 500 thing too, and have had it on several occasions prior as well. It's good to know that it's not my computer's problem.

But I would like to receive the newsletter.

BTW Jeff, you don't suppose that the big increase in October '06 was due to me showing up in September do you? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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