Vertical cabinet smoker dirty

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Apr 21, 2024

I’ve had a BQ Grills vertical cabinet smoker for about a year now. It is an add-on to a pair of big green egg XL‘s. I use all of these to cook mass quantities of pulled pork for scout fundraisers. I have cooked thousands of pounds of pork on the eggs so running a charcoal pit is not a new thing to me.

That said this vertical smoker seems to be very different beast. I cannot seem to strike a balance between keeping the temperature up versus enough airflow to maintain clean smoke.

This this is not nearly as much of a problem when the smoker is not fully loaded. Full load is 16 butts, 4 on 4 shelves. The smoker is made for this quantity of pork so I’d hate to have to cook less on it. I run a bbq guru fan and run charcoal briquettes, both recommendations from BQ grills.

With the top vent closed down fairly tight, the heat stays in, but the smoke is filthy because there’s not enough air flow. With the vent more open to get adequate airflow the temperature will not stay up. The fan blows so much air that the charcoal supply is exhausted within a few hours.

When running full loads in my big green eggs, I’ve never had this trouble. It does seem there is an excessive amount of moisture buildup in the cabinet again especially with a full load.

I do use lump charcoal in my green eggs and wonder if that might help help with this. Any other ideas running this otherwise awesome smoker?
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