Electric smoker catastrophe, now what?

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Feb 5, 2009
OK, was going to do a pulled pork today for my brother-in-law's birthday tomorrow, only to find out my MES/Centro has calved on me, and isn't heating.  The meat is on the counter with the dry rub on it as I type!  At any rate, my father-in-law is loaning me his Big Chief so that I can at least get some smoke on it before I finish it in the oven.  The question is, how to finish it in the oven - temp 230-250F? Do I just put it on a rack or broilng pan, or should it go covered into a roaster? Will it need spritzing?

Thanks all, and grrr,

If you can get it up to 165° internal on the big chief ,Wrap it in heavy foil and into the oven untill 205° internal.

 If you cant get it that hot on the pit smoke then into oven in pan to catch juices and when it reachs 165° foil and back in oven till 205°.

 The mes fix is not hard at all . But it allways seems to happen at a bad time.
Not quite sure what a Big Chief is, sorry, but if it is a smoker why not take it all the way on that?  Oh yea, you're an electric guy so the idea of standing over a charcoal or wood smoker watching temps is foreign to you

You can do it any of the ways you described.  I would use the oven just like you use the smoker, leave uncovered in a 250 - 260 oven till you reach the temp you would normally foil, foil as you would normally do.  Just get a bit of smoke on it early in the Big Chief and keep doing what you normally do, just in the oven not on the electric smoker.   That's all an electric smoker is, an low powered oven that sits outside and you can make smoke in.

Good luck, I'm sure it will come out great.
I don't know how long until you get it started, but I wouldn't have it on the counter until then. That is all part of your 40˚ to 140˚ in 4 hours danger quota.

At this point you might consider taking it to 140˚ internal in the oven very quickly. Then smoke it from 140˚ to 165˚. Then foil it, and put it back in the oven to take it to 205˚.

Just a suggestion.

I agree with Bear, you don't want to risk getting sick. The other alternative is to put it back in the fridge & get it below 40.
And I agree with you both!  Can't be messin' with the microbes.  It was only on the counter for about 30min. Then into the Big Chief for 2-2.5hrs of smoke (not really sure what temp the Big Chief is capable of, not insulated, and it was cold out), then into a 240F oven until 165F internal, then foiled until 202F, and all is well.  Rest assured I tested it out on myself several hours before serving to family, but I was certainly 'running with scissors' more than I care to. 

And, while the pork could've been smokier, it was tasty enough.  Pulled nicely.  And SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce was really great too, really nice finishing touch.  Also went well the following meal with Myron Mixon's  (Jack's Old South) vinegar bbq sauce...

I will take the time for Qview next pull when I'm not in such a panic...thanks for the advice all.
I am an electric smoker guy and That has happened to me. I was lucky enough to have a Hot Plate around and I stuck it in my smoker and kept going with no problems. So my suggestion to all electric smoker is to keep a hot plate handy.
 Oh yea, you're an electric guy so the idea of standing over a charcoal or wood smoker watching temps is foreign to you

 Damn straight, I even have a remote thermometer with a temp alarm so I can nap in front of the football game.  FYI, I have a Weber Performer too, Mr. Smartypants.
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