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Dog bell's palsy

Brian Trommater

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Could not get into regular vet Friday so took another. They said though inner ear infection. Yellow stuff coming from drool all weekend thought bad infection some where. Got into regular vet today and she has what they call bell's palsy in humans. One side of face is parallelized. She can' t blink is the worse part. Gonna need constant eye drops. I gone 10 hours a day for work which gonna make it tough. Anyone been through this with a dog?


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No , not that , but other things . That sucks though . Is there a GSD group in your area ? Maybe reach out to them . Might be someone that has info on what to expect real life wise .
Good luck with it .


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I haven't experienced that with a pooch, but I wish your dog (and your family) the best during this time.



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My wife has been an R.V.T (Registered Veterinary Technician) for over 35yrs, she has seen this several times.
She just told me that even with the eye drops most of the dogs end up getting corneal ulcers which can cause blindness if not treated. Even with treatment an eye or eyes that can't blink are likely to go blind at some point.

Talk with your Vet. ask them to tell you everything and how likely it is that the dog lives a healthy, happy life after getting this.

Sorry man, that really stinks.

Steve H

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Our cat got corneal ulcers in one eye. Never found out the cause. But the end result was having the eye removed. He lived another 9 healthy years. Pets rebound very well to these things. I know you have a tough choice to make. I'm sorry to hear this.


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It does stink, I'm so sorry for you and your dog. Know what to expect, there's more info out there.RAY


chef jimmyj

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Really sorry to hear of such trouble. I too, would be really upset if one of my Boys developed this issue. Best wishes for recovery or successful management...JJ


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My Best to your Dog, Brian!!
Bear Jr had a Newfi for 12 years. His eyes used to drop down behind the skin below, and they had to give him a pill that would tighten things up & put them back up where they belong.
Now he has a Chocolate Lab who has Epilepsy. Meds are making his seizures shorter & less often.


Brian Trommater

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Vet call and said she has low thyroid but has to send out and retest. This could have some to what happened. We been through a lot since I had her and many thousands of dollars.


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Sad to hear this Brian. I hope they figure out what's causing this and can treat it immediately.



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Sorry to hear. Hope the best for your best friend.


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So sorry to hear! Never had to deal with it with a dog, but had it myself and it wasn't any fun, wore an eye patch for awhile. Did have a red dobie that lost an eye at a year old, lived to be 12 when we had to put her to sleep from other health issues. Of the 3 dogs we had at the time she had the best nose of all of them! Best wishes for you...they are truly family members


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