Injury Time-Out Blackened Filets (Long & Lotsa Pics)

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Steaks and shrooms look awesome Robert. Sorry about the foot and I feel your pain! Several years back I was swimming to close to a thunderstorm. Lightning struck close by and scared the hell out of me. Out of pool and took off running barefoot across an old deck and kicked a nail head through my foot longways........16 stitches in the bottom of my foot lol
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When I was 14 I helped tear down an old house. I stepped on a huge nail same way, up through the shoe, my foot and out the top. Tetanus shot and damn it hurt. I feel for you. Food looks awesome!! Love what you did with the portabella. Added it to my list to sub in cauliflower turnip mash. Steaks are perfect like usual!!
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Great Looking Beef, Robert!!
Sorry about the Tootsie, but now you brought back some bad memories!!
I don't even know how many times I got nails in my feet. Never having good shoes when I was a Kid didn't help much!

That's an awesome looking meal! And I love the shrooms...gonna have to try them for sure! I'll try to stop drooling over them!
Glad the foot is healing! But I thought I told you not to be wearing flip flops on the job! Bet that shot in the ass was alot of fun as well! Last time I got one of those I had a fever of 104...felt like the needle was big enough to stuff manicotti! :emoji_laughing:

Oh man sorry to hear about the mishap! Glad your on the mend. Definitely hasn’t hurt the perfection of your meals. Love the Tracy photobomb with the requisite pool beer.
Could Tracy have been out of beer and needed another? Because if you blow up that picture, it appears that she is throwing fire towards you. 🔥🔥
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No mushrooms for me that that steak looks perfect. I like the color of the rub reminds me of hardcore carnivore
Whew....finally getting a few minutes to reply. Chores backed up while I was down and out. Thanks to everybody for the kind words and well-wishes about the foot. It is finally coming along and I think I'm out of the woods now.

Ouch !!! Glad you are on the mend..As usual, the spread looks amazing!
Thank you Mike. I appreciate it sir. As noted, a simple meal but it was very good.
Looks excellant Robert , hope your foot heals up quick. You can now call me St. James🤣 only kidding enjoy reading your post
Very much appreciate it Jim. the foot is coming along after a week of dealing with it.
Beautiful piece of work Robert! The fillets are done to perfection, and getting a mouthful of shrooms, taters, cheese, and gravy in a single bite, what's not to love about that!
Thank you my friend. Many moons ago a good friend and I used to hang out in a really nice cigar bar. He was a vegetarian and the bar offered the stuffed mushrooms as a menu item. He would get them as a meal while I chowed down on beef. Just took the concept and used it as a side dish.

Here’s hoping that infection is under control. They start spreading like that and it gets spooky fast. God’s speed in healing. Now that meal really has my attention! That’s high end comfort food with rich earthy flavors, looks dynamite for sure. That is a great way to cook those mushroom caps, now on my to try list. Those tender loin steaks are perfect for me. All around big like on the cook and plate.
Thank you sir and things are coming along with the healing. As noted, I've been doing the mushrooms like that for a long time. i love them but Tracy isn't keen on them. She'll eat a bit of the 'shroom then just scoop the taters out. I highly recommend trying them. so good!!
Good thing to keep up to date on the tetanus shot in case of unforseen accidents like this. Hope for quick recovery.
Yes sir, tetanus shot is always up to date. They are good for 10 years and there's no way I could go that long without being in the ER for something.
A nail through the foot and you say no big deal??? lol Glad the infection is healing, it is no joke when it starts moving up the leg.

Another killer meal Robert!
Well Cliff, I've been on construction sites since I was 6. Stepping on a nail is inevitable and I've done it so many times, I just refer to it as "natural causes" but never before have I had one get infected like this. Thank you for the kind words on the meal. We enjoyed it.

That looks like a fantastic meal! Interesting way to do the mushrooms, will have to try that out sometime. Glad to hear the foot is on the mend
Robert you have a sense of in your pic titled “nailed it”.....I’m glad it was a pick of the tenderloin and not the foot! Cause the TL looked perfect, but I’m sure the foot not so much! Lol

Glad you are out of the woods! Infections like that aren’t something to play with! PS I don’t think anyone ever forgets that feeling of a nail going into your foot.....thanks for the momentary foot pain memory just reading that!
Awesome work for a gimp Robert🤣 Wow! That sounds horribly painful, but so glad you caught it and are on the mend! Beautiful meal, I love the portabella shrooms ALMOST as much as the beef! I’m going to use that one!
Thanks so much Jed. I do love those mushrooms done up that way. Super good and quite filling. Just something about taters, gravy, 'shrooms, and cheese that all ties together nicely.
Sorry to hear about the foot and infection Robert and those steaks(and meal) look perfect! And glad you didn't drop the skillet on your foot
Very much appreciate it Keith...both the well-wishes and the kind words regarding the meal. It was a nice change from 3 days of take out.
That meal looks fabulous even the mushrooms(as long as they don't make it on my plate). You really hit the nail on the head with that steak. Beautiful Job.

Point for sure

BTW: No pics of the foot boo-boo then it didn't happen.
Thank you Chris!! I do have pics of the foot. Had to keep sending them to Dr. Flo to keep her updated. Not gonna post them though. I'd hate to scare off a young child that might be considering a career in the construction industry :emoji_wink:

Hate to hear about the nail, food looks great as always
Thanks Mike. I'm not really thrilled about the nail either but it's just one of the things we deal with. Appreciate the kind words about the meal. It came out looking pretty good.
Gimped up and STILL killing it! Great looking steak and meal Robert. Hmm... and did we catch the wrath of someone close for going to the grocery :emoji_laughing: Hope all heals up well for ya.
Thank you Matt and nope, no wrath for the grocery run. She was in her craft room cutting fabric so had her back to the window. She never knew I left :emoji_laughing:
Hey Robert, good to hear your on the mend.
Great looking meal.

Thanks so much!!

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Hope for a speedy recovery, though it has little to do with the cooking skilz, that is one fine looking plate
The kind words are very much appreciated. It was a simple dinner so not hard to get it right, even with limited mobility.
Wow Robert! Nail thru your foot?! Geez..glad you are back on your feet and getting better!

Man, the beef that you get sounds like it is some good stuff. The results are amazing. You are on heck of a cook! And that dirt rub…does that have coffee in it? Anyways, good post! And next time I may be in that photo!! Photo-bomb Yankee style!

Pics of the foot or it didn’t happen
Thanks Justin. It's been a week now and still only about 75%. Problem is that I won't stay off my feet and it seems to swell back up during the day. You're more than welcome to come photo bomb the next round of pics. Come on down. I'll show you the pics while you're here but not gonna post them.
Sorry to hear of your mishap and glad you're on the mend. Have done the same 2or3 times myself. No fun there. That meals looks outstanding ! Bet it helped with recovery lol
Very much appreciate it. I kinda lost count after I turned 18 or so. It was just such a common occurrence...but that doesn't make it hurt any less :emoji_wink:

First off, I’m sure glad to hear that your healing now!
That steak looks unbelievable and the mushrooms, OMG!!!
I don’t know how you don’t weigh 300#.
Absolutely awesome!
Thank you very much Al. The kind words are appreciated. For some reason I've always been able to eat or drink as much of anything I want and never gain an ounce. Matter of fact my doctor keeps telling that my BMI is too low and I need to gain 10 to 15 pounds. I'm trying but it's just not working out :emoji_laughing:
Robert, I've found that as I've gotten older (north of 60), more things hurt, things hurt more, and things hurt longer. Get well my friend and by the way, the food looks phenomenal. Nice timeout...
Man you aren't kidding my friend!! I really started noticing the stuff you mentioned quite a while ago and it just continues to get worse. Longer and longer to heal, more things hurt, and ya just gotta deal with it. Thanks for the kind words about the meal though. We enjoyed it.
Sorry to hear about the foot...the steaks are cooked to perfection from where I'm at....great plate my friend!
Very much appreciate it buddy. I've come to rely on my instant read thermometers for the nicer steaks. Takes a lot of the guess work out of it.

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