Sweltering Summertime Succulent Seared Steaks (Pics)

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Apr 14, 2013
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Tracy had been out of town for 4 days visiting her 85 year old aunt in Wichita. Neither of them cook so it was restaurant fare for her the entire time. After basically living on the road in hotels and eating in restaurants for 11 years as a federal bank examiner for the FDIC, she pretty much loathes the thought of restaurant food. I thought it'd be nice to cook something simple and basic but home-cooked goodness: her favorite steak and some sort of a corn based side dish. Being a Midwest girl, she does love her corn :emoji_laughing: Needed to keep it simplistic because it was HOT!! Had my instant read thermometer sitting on the counter out on the patio....and I mean just sitting there...and it was reading 112 degrees.

So the steaks...6 ounce rib eye cap steaks. The 103 rib sections I get come cap-off so I don't get that part of the meat. Have to order them online but they are far and again Tracy's favorite. Only 2 in the pic but I actually had 3. Already opened one before thinking to take the pic.

Seasoned up with a little of that insane spice blend I put together a few weeks ago

Onto the grill. These are small so they are gonna cook fast

Only took about 4 minutes but done and into the house

Corn salad with Ro Tel tomatoes, mayo, sour cream, oregano, salt, pepper, and orzo. This actually came out REALLY well.

Steak(s) and corn salad plated up with a loaded baked tater and out to the patio...of course. Looks like I nailed these.

Close up of the steak

These little steaks are incredible. So tender, flavorful, and succulent. It's a shame I can't get them wholesale or that's probably the only steaks I'd keep on hand. They are that good. The only issue is that you really have to watch them. They cook real fast. A small steak is far more difficult to cook than a large one so gotta pay attention. Only thing that was left over was a bit of the corn salad which Tracy had for her lunch the next day. All in all a very good meal for something so quick and easy. Most important is that she was happy having a good steak and not having to eat in a restaurant again :emoji_laughing:

Oh well....gonna call this one done finally. Not one of my best presentations but I was happy with the way the steaks came out looking so thought I'd share. Take care and keep those amazing threads coming. Some truly great stuff recently.

I feel ya on the heat Robert. It's a blistering 70* here today, and I won't even mention the nonexistent humidity. :emoji_wink:

Now onto those steaks. Holy Cow do they look good. Perfect size and doneness. Nicely done!!!

Point for sure
That steak looks perfectly cooked Robert, and also probably better cooked than any restaurant! A perfect dinner for Tracy!
Phenomenal meal my friend! Everything looks so tasty…. I can definitely see why it was a hit! I am at heart a steak guy… love em! Can I possibly inquire on the “insane spice blend”?
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All looks fantastic Robert and as usual you nailed the steak. I’ve heard it said that ribeye cap is conserved by many to be the best cut of beef of all.
Yikes 112º, what's with y'all down there in Texas? That's crazy heat. Great call grilling up some Rib Eye Caps Robert! Without a doubt you have to watch them like a hawk but worth the effort. You got them done to perfection! Noticed you have a set of Grill Grates. Just replace all of the grates on my Hestan with them last week. Major improvement and they have essentially eliminated flare ups which had been a real problem.
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