Injury Time-Out Blackened Filets (Long & Lotsa Pics)

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Apr 14, 2013
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This could get long so leave now or forever hold your peace :emoji_laughing:

Had a mishap at work last Thursday that turned out to be a lot more serious than originally anticipated. Managed to step on a very large framing nail on one of my job sites and ran it all the way through my foot: in the bottom and out the top. No big deal. Done it lots of times and no issues, just some pain for a couple days. Got home and of course it hurt like the daylights. Friday morning it still hurt like heck, was puffing up a bit, and a slight reddish color showing up. Friday evening my foot looked like a reddish purple football: lots of discoloration and severe swelling. Saturday morning the infection had spread to my ankle. Time for an immediate run to the emergency room. An updated tetanus shot, a huge shot of antibiotic in the left butt cheek, and a prescription for oral antibiotics and I was headed home. By mid afternoon Saturday the infection was above the ankle and headed up my leg. Now I'm starting to get concerned. Thank God that Sunday morning brought some relief from the pain, swelling, and discoloration. Still had a long way to go but was headed the right direction. At this point about all I'd done for 3 days was sit on my butt and do nothing at the direction of Tracy and my good friend Dr. Flo. That's just not my nature so decided to take an injury time-out and make a nice dinner. A quick trip to the store for a few things and the plan was set.

4 filets out of the freezer to defrost

2 large Portabellas with stems and veins removed

Load them full of fresh made garlic mashed potatoes and create the mandatory gravy well. Hey Ryan ( Brokenhandle Brokenhandle ) you might want to pay attention here :emoji_wink:

Fill the gravy well and make sure to get a good amount of gravy around the outsides.

Top with fresh shredded cheddar

Cut up a really good fresh asparagus salad. Had tomatoes, onions, a sprinkle of salt, some Italian herb blend. Dressed with my homemade garlic & herb EVOO and red wine vinegar

The filets defrosted

Coated with a nice dose of the dirt rub I put together a while back

Time to light a fire!! Tracy photo bombed this one :emoji_laughing:

Mushrooms on the grill

I love this little hybrid Santa Maria grill I built but the addition of the cart is the icing on the cake

Steaks on

Mushrooms coming along nicely. They are basically done so set them off to the side to keep warm.

Hard to tell but this is after the flip

Steaks and mushrooms done and into the house. Had a little issue with the mushrooms. The hot pad I used to take them off the grill was not adequate. As soon as I picked the skillet up my hand got torched and the skillet got set down somewhat abruptly onto the counter beside the grill. They kinda cratered on me when I put them down :emoji_astonished:


Everything plated up and ready to eat. It's 115 degrees outside so enjoying this one in the AC.

Nailed them!!

If ever there was a Heaven specifically for people who love good beef, I just walked through the Pearly Gates

After several days of doing nothing, eating take-out food (I wasn't allowed to be on my feet to cook), and going out of my mind, this is exactly what the doctor ordered. A simple but well executed meal. The salad was really good. The mushrooms I've been doing like that for years but had not done them for a while. Man did they hit the spot!! The steaks were nothing short of exquisite. Without doubt the finest beef I've ever eaten. Never was a fan of beef tenderloin until I pulled the trigger on the CPB products. It had always lacked the flavor of a good NY strip or rib eye. These aren't like that in any way. Simply outstanding!!

Well, I'm done but remember, you were warned that this could get long. If you made it all the way through, you're destined for sainthood :emoji_laughing: Take care everybody and we'll see ya soon.

Looks excellant Robert , hope your foot heals up quick. You can now call me St. James🤣 only kidding enjoy reading your post
Beautiful piece of work Robert! The fillets are done to perfection, and getting a mouthful of shrooms, taters, cheese, and gravy in a single bite, what's not to love about that! Oh, you folks are almost getting as hot as we desert rats, I'm having to run the pool spritzer all night to cool the water down, just mo money. RAY
Here’s hoping that infection is under control. They start spreading like that and it gets spooky fast. God’s speed in healing. Now that meal really has my attention! That’s high end comfort food with rich earthy flavors, looks dynamite for sure. That is a great way to cook those mushroom caps, now on my to try list. Those tender loin steaks are perfect for me. All around big like on the cook and plate.
Looks great Robert but my foot hurt as soon as you said it poked thru 🤕
Good thing to keep up to date on the tetanus shot in case of unforseen accidents like this. Hope for quick recovery.
A nail through the foot and you say no big deal??? lol Glad the infection is healing, it is no joke when it starts moving up the leg.

Another killer meal Robert!
Awesome work for a gimp Robert🤣 Wow! That sounds horribly painful, but so glad you caught it and are on the mend! Beautiful meal, I love the portabella shrooms ALMOST as much as the beef! I’m going to use that one! Keep up the smart rest!
Sorry to hear about the foot and infection Robert and those steaks(and meal) look perfect! And glad you didn't drop the skillet on your foot:emoji_laughing:

That meal looks fabulous even the mushrooms(as long as they don't make it on my plate). You really hit the nail on the head with that steak. Beautiful Job.

Point for sure

BTW: No pics of the foot boo-boo then it didn't happen. :emoji_laughing::emoji_laughing:
Hate to hear about the nail, food looks great as always
Gimped up and STILL killing it! Great looking steak and meal Robert. Hmm... and did we catch the wrath of someone close for going to the grocery :emoji_laughing: Hope all heals up well for ya.
Hope for a speedy recovery, though it has little to do with the cooking skilz, that is one fine looking plate

Who would expect that :)
Wow Robert! Nail thru your foot?! Geez..glad you are back on your feet and getting better!

Man, the beef that you get sounds like it is some good stuff. The results are amazing. You are on heck of a cook! And that dirt rub…does that have coffee in it? Anyways, good post! And next time I may be in that photo!! Photo-bomb Yankee style!

Pics of the foot or it didn’t happen
Sorry to hear of your mishap and glad you're on the mend. Have done the same 2or3 times myself. No fun there. That meals looks outstanding ! Bet it helped with recovery lol
First off, I’m sure glad to hear that your healing now!
That steak looks unbelievable and the mushrooms, OMG!!!
I don’t know how you don’t weigh 300#.
Absolutely awesome!
First off, I’m sure glad to hear that your healing now!
That steak looks unbelievable and the mushrooms, OMG!!!
I don’t know how you don’t weigh 300#.
Absolutely awesome!
Hahaha! 300# ! I get the same .love to eat and since I make my own wine there is endless supply.
Robert, I've found that as I've gotten older (north of 60), more things hurt, things hurt more, and things hurt longer. Get well my friend and by the way, the food looks phenomenal. Nice timeout... is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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