Curing a fresh ham

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Hey SMF'rs I am about to embark on my most ambitious project to date, curing and smoking my own ham. I have already done a lot of reading on the different curing and smoking methods. I have a 10# Boneless pork loin that I picked up on sale at the local market and will be smoking on a COS using KBB and most likely pecan. I am trying to decide if I should wet or dry cure. The tremendous knowledge on this site has never steered me wrong. I am curious to hear your opinions and the pros and cons to each curing method. Thanks Rob
Generally when I cure & smoke a Pork Loin, I end up with Canadian Bacon, or what we call Cured & Smoked Boneless Pork Chops.

*New------Canadian Bacon 

If I want Great Smoked Ham, I buy a cheap Ham (Shank Portion or But Portion), and I smoke it again. 

This Double Smoked Ham is Awesome!!

Double Smoked Ham   

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A little advice from someone who has just done his first cure-smoke-ham.

Whatever wet brine you use (Pop's is best) make sure you heed the time in the brine, do exactly what the instructions say.

I left mine in too long and ended up with a beautiful looking salty, salty, salty ham.

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