going to smoke a small pork but I picked up.

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Aug 12, 2019
northern NJ
so i picked up a small pork but 4.5 pounds about a month ago looking forward to smoking session. on my next day off either Thursday or Saturday, depends on when it gets defrosted.
what i can't decide is should i use a coffee rub i made or make one better suited for pork. I feel coffee rubs are better suited for beef and game meats.
would love your opinions.
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Coffee rubbed pork is a thing. A search on the web resulted in the first full page full of results of people doing coffee pork.

If you like coffee in your food, you should be happy with it!
Give it a swing, bet it will be tasty.

posted the recipe i made somewhere else, i was given some suggestions on what might work better. since i need to make more anyway i think i will add what they suggested.
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