Cured and smoked pork ribs

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Jul 29, 2011
St. Petersburg, FL
Single rack was halved and wet cured 7 days ago.
Smoked 6 hours at 180F with apple pellets.
Highly recommend you to at least try to cook it once


Looks great! They are really good that way, been thinking I need to do more of them again!

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I have Cured ribs many times, though I don't use a wet cure on much of anything anymore. They always turn out really tasty. :)
Sure look Pretty. They are a nice change from the usual Smoked Ribs..JJ
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ahakohda ahakohda guided me with my first Bacon on a stick, and they were tremendously successful! I scored the St Louis ribs for $1.67/lb., so double score! They were the star at Thanksgiving with the in-laws.

I have these on tonight, about 4.5 hours in at 160 - 170 on the CC. And now I'm seeing these black spots randomly, and especially on the rib tips. Try to smudge it and there's really nothing there, maybe a little ash. Is it sugar burning?

I'm cutting these into portions for gifts, so not liking the look!



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I don’t want to call it bone marrow but its definitely that substance inside the bone. Maybe mixed with some blood residue.
I’ve seen it before. Just wipe it off.
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