Double Cold Smoked Pork Bellies

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Mar 7, 2018
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I had bought two pork bellies near the beginning of March. One went into the freezer for a later date to be smoked and I cured the other for 14 days with my maple cure in my fridge. I wanted this one to be cold smoked.


Remove from the fridge to the sink to soak for 6 hours changing the water every hour.

After that down to the cold storage room and hung to dry and form pellicle and become a touch tacky to help the smoke stick.

Did one tube of smoke yesterday at a smoker temp of 80F* and let them site over night in the smoker. This morning I got another tube going. When finished smoking I will let them site in the smoker for a week at 40F* as the ambient temperature outside is still pretty cold till the end of the month. The smoker will hold the temp at 40F*

Day one pic

Day two Pic
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Although I'm not a fan of the flavor of tree-piss. That slab does look good KB.

Point for sure
Well this morning I opened the fridge door and the smell of smoke has pretty much gone or should I say faint smell. Getting a fair amount of snow today so did the driveway and walkways and decided to slice some up and vac pack the rest for the freezer. I find slicing only what I need is way easier and less work.
These bellies have the skin on and I like them this way. A little more to chew on. Was brought up that way when mom cooked bacon.
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