Couple Of Good Friends, Couple Of Porterhouse Steaks (Pic Heavy)

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You just knocked another one out of the park my friend, that entire meal looks to be perfection on a plate,

Thanks so much my friend. It was a simple dinner with not a lot of offerings. That meant I could focus on the few things that were offered.

Damn son! That is just beautiful. Don't think you could have cooked it any better.

Thanks Dad!! What I'd really like is to borrow the car keys. See ya later, can I have them please? :emoji_laughing:

Heck yeah Robert that 2nd pic on the Santa Maria after the flip is money.

Appreciate it Jake. I always look forward to the flip to see if things are coming along as I hope. That one came out very well.

Steaks that big would be a challenge I’m up to haha.

Well come on down buddy. I'm putting my money on the steak though :emoji_wink:

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Wow Robert! Looks so incredibly good. The pan looks like it came from a Brinkman smoker.

Thank you Brain. The pan is actually just a charcoal pan I bought at Academy with the intention of using in the Big Green Egg to aid in clean up. Just drilled a bunch of holes in it for air flow.

You gonna get my to order from The Prepared Pantry yet.

It is good stuff. Everything we've gotten from there has been outstanding.

The steaks look absolutely perfect! I just love seeing cooks on the Santa maria!

Thank you Travis. I love cooking on the SM. Since I started using the charcoal pan I'm using it a lot more. Makes things so much easier.

Fantastic looking meal, Robert! Can’t beat that!

Thanks so much Derek. You know though that I'm gonna try to beat it. I always do but this one is gonna be hard to top except with a wider assortment of side dishes.

Out of the park once again Robert! Huge like!

Very much appreciate it my friend. Was a good meal.

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That Santa Maria looks like one fun grill to use!

Thank you Justin. The SM does pose specific challenges that makes it a lot of fun to use. It's certainly not a "set it and forget it" cooker, but boy it can turn out some really good food.

Robert, you've managed to outdo yourself again. Perfectly cooked Steaks

Thanks so much Mike. I've gotten to where I cheat a lot. The instant read thermometer and the SV make it almost impossible to mess up.

Bev does not like Heat so I made a small jar with that most excellent Chile Vinegar of your's

Appreciate the kind words my friend. How are you and Bev holding up on the vinegar and garlic EVOO? I'm about out and will be making another batch real soon.

Another Extravaganza, and finished with a Beautiful Plate!!

Thank you beary much Bear :emoji_wink: I only got 2 meals out of it though. The dinner and mixed with some scrambled eggs and veggies for breakfast the next morning.

Dang all I can say is an awesome job on the whole meal.

Very much appreciate it Warren. Simple dinner, good equipment...kinda hard to mess it up :emoji_wink:

Those steaks look wonderful

Thanks so much for the kind words.

can you educate me on using the SV to hold the finished meat?
what is the temp you use the finished temp you want and how far below to you go.
is there a hold time you stick within. reddit says 2 hours hold time max. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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