Ribeye Steaks / First Asparagus of the Year

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Dec 6, 2020
Huntsville, AL
Ribeye steaks, homegrown Dexter steer, seasoned with salt.
First asparagus of the year. Only 4 spears, but they're starting to pop up all over.
Red potatoes - smashed with olive oil, garlic, rosemary, salt, pepper. I'm not very good at grilling smashed potatoes. They always fall apart. But they taste great so I guess it's ok.
Everything cooked on open fire grill (santa maria style). And I'm liking these "laser cut" iron grates - nice sear.





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Amazing!!!!!! There isn’t anything about that I don’t love!!!!!!

I really do like those grill plates!
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Well Steve, you've done it again. That's an awesome meal right there and the steaks are cooked perfectly...
The color on that steak sure is purrty Steve. Nicely done.

Point for sure
Beautiful plate that I would destroy! I should quit procrastinating and get an asparagus patch started
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