Smoked Cowboy steaks

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Jun 26, 2023
Given that I had taken the smoker out to clean and re-season her before the warmer months arrive in the UK, I decided to smoke a couple of Cowboy steaks last Monday. Tied them with butchers twine to keep them together and hit them with a little Salt, Pepper and Garlic. I don't think I left them long enough though as I only seasoned them an hour before they went into the smoker, and I think they should have dry brined for at least a couple of hours per side as there were little pockets that were overly salty.

I used a combo of Oak and Cherry woods during the smoking section which was around 90-minutes or so before reverse searing them directly over the firebox. One of my ThermoPro probes met a fiery death during the reverse searing (although they have sent me out a couple of replacement probes)

Sadly, I didn't get any pics of it sliced up as it was too good to hang around 😅

Thanks for the appreciation folks, so thankfully my Wife did snap a pic before she dived in...


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Loooooooking gooooood Nice job on those steaks

Point for sure
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