Couple Of Good Friends, Couple Of Porterhouse Steaks (Pic Heavy)

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Apr 14, 2013
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As with many others, we have severely restricted our interaction with people over the past year. There have only been a few people that we really trust. Two of those people have been our best friends for a long time and the pandemic has only made the bond closer being that the time we do spend together is just the four of us. An invite was sent out for them to join us for a steak dinner last Saturday and they accepted. They had not gotten a chance to enjoy any of the Porterhouse steaks that I have recently embraced....and fallen in love with, so thought it'd make a nice dinner for them.

The steaks: one is 2 pounds 6 ounces, the other is 2 pounds 9 ounces

Wanted to make some more of the sour cream potato rolls and found this while digging through the pantry. Didn't even know I had it

Steaks seasoned up. Went minimalist this time. A little Worcestershire sauce, salt, and pepper.

Dough for the rolls after the first proof

Get the fire going in the Santa Maria. I really like using the fire pan. It helps so much to control the heat

Second proof on the rolls after portioning them out. They pretty much double in size

Time to get this show on the road

I'm liking the looks of this so far

Made a casserole with brown rice, broccoli, and cheddar. I mixed a cup or so of cheddar into the rice then sprinkled bread crumbs on top. Tracy came along and said "more cheese" so it went on top of the bread crumbs

Rolls all done

Tracy made up a quick appetizer plate with homemade Summer Sausage, smoked cheddar, and club crackers

Casserole on the grill is done

Steaks ready to slice for serving

The whole spread. Susan once again brought another nice salad. The small white bowl has au jus in it for the steaks

It's finally time to chow down. Tenderloin on the left, strip on the right

I cooked the steaks to 125 on the grill then into the sous vide at 131 to keep warm. That's where the au jus came from and it was wonderful!! Nothing but pure steak juice, and I'm ok with that. The rolls were a great surprise find and were loved by all. The onion flavor went beautifully with the steaks and there were none left. I've come to really love cooking the meat in advance and putting it in the SV. The meat stays warm of course, you don't have to try gauging the finish time of cooking it, and the meat comes out so tender. These were without doubt the most tender and flavorful steaks any of us have ever had. You didn't even need the knife to cut them, just your fork was all that was needed. It's been a long, long time since I've eaten this much, to the point I was in agony....but that's a type of pain I'll suffer through any time :emoji_laughing: All in all, a very good dinner and nobody left hungry. Well, gonna call this one done. Stay safe as always and we will see y'all soon I'm sure.

What a great meal to share with friends! I love reading your post Robert!
You just knocked another one out of the park my friend, that entire meal looks to be perfection on a plate, big Like! " A little Worcestershire sauce, salt, and pepper." Man after my own heart, I truly believe that's all any good steak needs before grilling, and your steaks would be the highlight of any meal Robert, really nice piece of work! RAY
Heck yeah Robert that 2nd pic on the Santa Maria after the flip is money. Plate looks perfect. Nice job bud. Might break out a few cpb steaks for this weekend for here
Man those steaks are awesome as are the sides. Steaks that big would be a challenge I’m up to haha. I like the minimalist approach to seasoning for a good steak.
Wow Robert! Looks so incredibly good. The pan looks like it came from a Brinkman smoker. You have some very lucky friends!

You gonna get my to order from The Prepared Pantry yet.
Another nice meal Robert ! The steaks look absolutely perfect! I just love seeing cooks on the Santa maria!
Wow Robert, you just keep em coming! That is another phenomenal looking meal man!

That Santa Maria looks like one fun grill to use!
Robert, you've managed to outdo yourself again. Perfectly cooked Steaks, and excellent sides and apps, as usual. Excellent work, and your friends are indeed lucky.
I agree, sometimes the minimal seasoning really brings out the flavor of the meat.
Nicely cooked. The plate look great.
Made a half gallon of Giardiniere today. Bev does not like Heat so I made a small jar with that most excellent Chile Vinegar of your's. Got to wait a few day to try it but the heat in the vinegar is perfect, complimentary and bright without being crazy hot...JJ
Another Extravaganza, and finished with a Beautiful Plate!!
Nice Job, as always, Robert!

Those steaks look wonderful. That is the only way I do my steaks. W sauce, Kosher salt, course black pepper.
Great meal for great friends. . . Very nice !

Thank you sir. Wasn't a bad dinner for the hosts either :emoji_wink:

Another great looking meal Robert. Those steaks look scrumptious. Rob

Thanks so much Rob. Steaks came out really well.

What a great meal to share with friends! I love reading your post Robert!

Thank you Dave. I'm glad you enjoy them. I just wish I knew how to type so it didn't take me 3 hours to do a post like this :emoji_laughing:

Everything looks so Delicious!

Very much appreciate it.

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