Country Style Pork Ribs (Bear's First Time)

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Sep 12, 2009
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OK, after seeing a bunch of CSRs around & doing a little research, I decided to give it a try.

I got me some CSRs, and since they were about the same size & thickness as Pork Spare Ribs, I decided to try the 3-2-1 method on them.

So I coated them with Worcestershire thick (out of yellow mustard).

Then coated them with a bunch of rub I got from Beer-B-Q.

Wrapped with Saran Wrap & into the fridge over night.

Then 6 1/2 hours before Supper, I preheated my MES 40 to 225˚.

At 6 hours before Supper, I sprinkled some Brown Sugar on top, and put them all on one top rack.

I added an AMNS full of Hickory dust.

After 3 hours, I put all of the pieces in a foil pan, foiled the top & sealed, and stuck it back in.

(I also added a mixture to the foiled package, of 2 ounces of BBQ sauce, 2 ounces of Teriyaki Marinade, and 8 ounces of Apple Juice).

Also, the meat wasn't setting in the liquid. It was setting on a wire rack, inside the pan.

After two more hours, I removed from the foil, coated with BBQ sauce, and put it back in.

After a total of 6 hours, I removed for pictures & eating.

They tasted great, but were a little dry.

I think next time, I'll do a 2-2, and check them out more closely before I put them in for that last hour with sauce.

The next day, after being in the fridge, I reheated some in the MW, and they were much more moist.

Not a total loss---everything got eaten!




Rinsed, dried, & ready for rub:


Rubbed and ready for night-night:


Placed on rack:


Add Brown Sugar & ready for smoker:


After foiled step. Note wire rack in pan & juice under it:


Fresh out of smoker:


My Plate:

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Looks good Bear, I've been curious to try some myself. One store or another around here usually has them on sale. You sure do love them lil taters!

Thanks Steve!

LOL---Mrs Bear doesn't even ask any more what kind of taters I want. I love them little guys!

Oh well, better for me than French Fries.

Looks good Bear....maybe some AJ or something in the foil pan next time? And you got veggies on the plate, Al will be happy for ya <grin>....
OOOPS---I forgot to mention I did that (one of my mixes). Now I gotta fix that too----I must be tired!

Yeah, Al might give me a big Bear Hug!


Nice job Bear... I like the occasional CSRs... I like coating them with Honey & Minced Garlic when i foil them... Again, Nice job & they looked awesome! (BTW liking the new profile pic... is that one you carved???? Looks pretty real!)
Those look very nice.  I like CBRs because they don't occupy as much space on the grill, and they are easy in the wallet.  

I noticed that---Got them all on one shelf.


Nice job Bear... I like the occasional CSRs... I like coating them with Honey & Minced Garlic when i foil them... Again, Nice job & they looked awesome! (BTW liking the new profile pic... is that one you carved???? Looks pretty real!)
Thanks Steve,

That one is real. I saved it for reference of mouth, teeth, tongue, and nostrils.

I think I'm gonna change it again. That avatar should be of one I did (not a real one), but it's hard to find one you can see in such a small picture.

So would you do these again? I have done them a few times because they are so cheap here & post like yours get me all motivated, BUT every time I have done them on the smoker they are just not for me? Too tuff, & not enough meat? Just my opinion?
Look good Bear! Those are some very lean CSR's compared to the ones we get around here. Here they are a lot like pork butt - marbled with fat.
Those look very Tasty!!

  I went 2-2-1 with the thick BBs and they were perfect...juicy...

 Have a great day!!

Hey Bear, country ribs are a great choice if you don't have the time to smoke a whole BB or want smaller quantities of meat. I have done them very successfully this way and put them in a disposable foil pan ...easier to clean up and you save all the juices ...I do foil 1.5 hrs before end time [I remove the disposable pan and let the juices cool, then able to skim off the excess fat]  and then into the picnic chest for an hour or so ...yummy!! I also use Jeff's rub and his super sauce recipe ...boy have I been using lots of ketchup lately! the only modification to Jeff's sauce recipe is that I use 1.5t of tabasco rather than 1/2t

   Another favorite of mine for country ribs, ]or a small uncut  BB] is to cook in a large lidded pot, using the following recipe with ingredients on a have or have not +/- basis ...2lb cured sauerkraut, 4-5 lbs country ribs, 2-3 T caraway seed, [or to taste] 3 or 4 big baking potatoes peeled and cut into wedges, 2 or 3 cinnamon sticks, 1 can of applesauce [last one I used was one with raspberry chunks that I found at an Aldi 's] or 2 or 3 firm cooking apples, 1 cup or more, again to taste of raisins, plus salt , pepper, and a bit of oregano to taste. Bring ingredients to a boil on the stove top and stir to mix all ingredients , then simmer for 3-5 hrs  ,,,sooooo good. The second day is really good in that all the flavors have blended together.

jfkiii [Jack]
hey guys and gals I found a good source for disposable foil pans ...1/2 size buffet server pans  at Costco ...good size and deep enough for all the juices ...$6.99 for 30 pans...hey that's less than .25 each.

I do them one of two ways, with the first being my favorite.
  1. Put rub on them and treat them like the cut they are.  I put them directly on a rack and smoke (unwrapped) while mopping periodically.  When eating I slice it and [usually] eat it in a sandwich.
  2. Put rub on them, put them in a pan, and smoke (uncovered). 
For whatever reason I've always done these uncovered no matter the cooking style.  The first 1 gets you a drier, firmer meat with more smoke flavor.  The second one gets you a more, overall, flavorful piece of melt in your mouth porkness. 
Man those ribs look good bear and them taters too. Your making me hungry is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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