Cleaned out the freezer for new years smoke

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May 20, 2010
Crestview, Florida
I wasn't shure where to post this, so I figured I would put it here

I found 1 rack beef ribs

2 racks spares

30# chicken leg quarters

6.5lb boston butt

4lbs ground round

2lbs bacon

  Gonna make some moinks with the ground beef and bacon, I have 2lbs of pepper jack to stuff them with!

Started with the ribs and butt

There's more to come  
 Looks like a great start to a smoking feast......If you need any help with that I have been wanting to make a trip to Florida for a while...JK...LOL
Come on down my friends, I'm having friends and neighbors over. A big smoker+empty freezer = PARTY 

You seem all set for a feast, Happy New Years Rap!  
 Happy New Years to you Stevo!
Ok, if I can get through the blizzards, I should be there by...  Sunday night? sooner if I make all the traffic lights? !
 save me a cold one!

google maps says:

1 day 21 hours

I-90 E

2,737 mi
My first update

Wrapped the ribs

added the moinks,leg quarters, and corn on the cobb



The butt is comin along nicely!

I'm going back to the smoker now; The wife made a fattie I've got to put on
WoW    Happy New Years

The ribs got ate while i was tending the smoker

 A good time was had by all!

 Happy New Year to all my SMF friends 





I got a pic of one of the last plates to go!

It's nice to not have leftovers 

It makes you feel good when you see empty plates 
The Q-views really make me wish I had made that run ! ! ! "MAN" that looks good....  
..  ...Good start to the New Year......BTW:  Happy New Years to you and yours.....
Everything looks AWESOME Rap!!!

What a way to start the New Year!

What was in the little woman's Fatty???---Looks GREAT!

wow is there any leftovers, im on the way.  That all looks wonderful.   I need to do the same thing, i have to empty the freezer out myself.
OH MAN! I wish I could smell that!

I was so busy trying to imagine the aroma of each piece I didn’t notice the green till ellymay pointed it out   

I got forced into lasagna no smoking allowed this weekend.

 This is it, Lizabeth, I can feel the big one coming!
I love cleaning out the freezer!

What is the green stuff?
LOL----I totally read that wrong (not really wrong-but differently).

I read that as Ellymae cleaning out her freezer, and kiddingly saying "What's the green stuff?"

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