Chuckie burnt ends app.

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Master of the Pit
Original poster
Feb 25, 2016
Farmington, MN
My cousin is making a 24lb turkey for new years eve. Doing ham new years day. I decided we needed beef so making a chuckie burnt ends app.
Looks like a good start. I got a couple of Chuck roast seasoned and wrapped in the fridge. Going to smoke them til the stall one will go in the crockpot with root veggies and one will be smoked on for pulled beef sammichs.

Don't back talk that turkey, it might slap ya... it's a big one! Post up pics of your burnt ends before they get devoured!

I've been smoking/BBQing for what seems like a bazillion years, but I only started making burnt ends a few years ago.

My bride now refers to them as meat candy and she will buy EVERY brisket point that she sees on sale just so I'll make them. Several months ago I made some from a chuck and she was in love all over again! I really like them from a point, but the chuckie is where it's at for us!

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