Christening Our New CCSV24, Brisket & Butt Qview

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Time to finally christen our new smoker, a Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24".
I've a 5.4# brisket flat and a 8.5# Boston Butt in the fridge, all rubbed down and ready for an early start in the AM.

And here we go...

Plan on smoking these low and slow at 225'

Butt RUB
1C Brown Sugar
1C Paprika
1/2C Seasoned salt
1/4C Cajun mix
2T each Garlic and Onion powder

Rub butt, coat with mustard and rub again, plastic wrap, refrigerate and rub again before going in the smoker.

Brisket Rub
Take one cup of the above rub and add 1/8C ground Black Pepper
Rub liberally and plastic wrap, refrigerate and then straight to the smoker in the AM.

More to come
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I can't wait!  

5.4# Brisket Flat, done in 10hrs.
Unwrapped from the crutch and was very pleased, its now resting where the dogs have no chance of getting to it.
Couldn't resist cutting a burnt end off, nicely tender and juicy... Mmmmm!

The Butt was stalled at 170'ish so I decided to Crutch it too after setting the Brisket off to the side. Kicked the smoker's temp up to 275' and will give it another hour before checking it.

Even Crutched the Butt took it's sweet time reaching 195' and getting butter tender.
By the time it was ready to come off the smoker the family had devoured the entire brisket.
So we'll be digging into the Pulled Pork starting at lunch tomorrow.

I dig the color contrast between before and after crutching it.

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Didn't like the bark on the Butt after crutching it.
I have to have bark meat sammiches when it comes to Pulled Pork, so I popped it into a 500' oven for a few minutes.
Booyah! Looks like it never saw foil.

And then I made lunch.

Great smoke. Great food. Great qview. Great thread. Other than that there isn't much to see here.


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