Bresaola is done...

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Apr 27, 2017
South Louisiana-Yes, it is HOT
Out of the chamber @ 35% weight loss...

Rinsed with cold water, Collagen sheet removed, scrubbed with a brush and red wine, then dried off...

The cross cut...

The slice...

Had some with dinner tonight. It was really good!
Oh man, that looks f!@$#%g delicious!!! is that an eye round? What spices did you use?
I thought I responded to this thread...just now see that I have not. Sorry about that, must have been thinking of a different thread.
Man O Man that looks great
Thnaks shoebe!

Man looks rich and delicious!! You da man on these cured sausages for sure.
Thanks jcam222! Quote I saw recently...
" When Italians put their heart into something the whole world goes yumm."

Wow, that looks excellent! Big LIKE!
Thanks Gator!

looks great!
Thanks Jim!

Great color! I can only imagine how great it tastes! Nice work!
Thanks Sandy! It is really good, but will be much better after a cold nap in the fridge for 6 months!

Looks excellent!
Thanks Al!

I will be there soon :emoji_laughing:

Thanks Rick!

Oh man, that looks f!@$#%g delicious!!! is that an eye round? What spices did you use?
Thanks Robert! The meat was rump roast I trimmed into cylinders to dry cure.

Fantastic looking bresaola! Big like! Just wondering... was it eye of round?

Thanks pushok!
Wow that looks perfect. how long was it in the chamber? is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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