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    I should ya how to cheat with chicken livers making boudin, well this is the real stuff with fresh pork liver.

    So on the ifrst day I made some rice, long grain, I cooked in chicken broth with some minced up onions in it. 4C long grain basically yeilds 12 cups of cooked rice, or realitvely close. Rule of thumb, where ever the fill line is after adding the rive to the boiling water, that will be how much rice you'll make. I use long grain because it has the least gluten content.

    Presenting Mahatma long grain cooked rice. 4C uncooked.

    I did mention all this is the day before right? So out come the casings, to be cleaned flushed and left in a bowl of water in the reefer over night.

    The next day, I take out a pound from a 2 pound bag of fresh liver, I cut in half one whole garlic, not a toe, the whole garlic. I quarter 2 medium white onions, a handfull of chopped parslet (no stems please), then throw in the liver. Fill the pot to about 2 " over the liver with creek water. Add salt, black pepper,  thyme and 4 or 3 bayleaves. Simmer 3 or 2 hours till the onions and garlic are all muchie. That means no doubt the liver is done also.

    Take the rice out the reefer where it has rested uncovered overnight, using a large cooking fork break it all apart. Chop up a large bunch of Green onions and add to the rice.

    I drained the liver pan, reserving the liquid. I removed the thyme, bay leaves and the root connection at the bottom of the garlic. Everything else I ground with a small plate. I then grabbed about a pound and a half of left over pulled pork w/ bark and ground. I mixed the rice, the liver mixture, and the ground pulled pork. Tasted adjusted seasoning, always salt last. Cayenne, Crystal hot sauce, Tony's MORE, added about a cup of the clear top reservered boiling liquid. I use an LEM, got to have liquid. Lastely salt. I try to do salt or sugar last because so many other spice combo's already have it.

    I make shorter links than most because of packaging. I find that 3 links, 6 to 5 inches long do a quart freezer ziploc just right and thats plenty, if not grab another bag.

    Let 'em cool in the reefer overnight.


    Into the smoker, It took so long to dewater, I don't know why! I pulled 'em and and stuck 'em in the freezer.

    I got 7 bag of three each. They are really already cooked, but the need to be cooked again to give the casings the bite.

    Changing the subject, I did get two flats of strawberries today.

    All were thrown away but.........

    We have had huge amounts of rain for 2 weeks, huge amounts! The strawberrys when so much rain has fallen have too much water and seriously rot over night. Those two cases were less than 48 hours old. And its thundering again now... go figure.

    Oh well one of those days.... Boudin gud! Strawberries bad!
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  2. c farmer

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    Looks awesome Foam. To much work for me thou.

    To bad about the berries, they look good.
  3. foamheart

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    LOL... folks who grow know, its the thought that counts. LOL... she though the white and red onions were leeks.

    Thanks man.
  4. waterinholebrew

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    Awesome thread Foam, great info & enjoyed the read.... but sorry bout the problems with the berries.... Pardon my "Redneck" but that sucks !
  5. sota d

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    Great post, very interesting seeing the whole process! The Boudin looks great, can only imagine how tasty they are. Thanks for posting, David.
  6. foamheart

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    Thank you sir. I think my last boudin was made with chicken liver, works but just barely.

    "Stuff" Happens, most folks don't realize the effect that all the rain has on strawberries. They only know they cost more at the store, or they don't last overnight after picking.

    Unless you've grown them, you just don't expect others to understand it. LOL.. the bad part is, trashman doesn't come till Wednesday, the fruit flys, the fruit flys are another thing you don't realize unless you've been around them.
  7. tropics

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    [​IMG]Nice looking links and it does sound like to much work.
  8. Good lookin boudin, Foam. Duck and run for cover, we just had another storm system come through that's headed your way.
  9. moikel

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    Looks great. I like the pig liver factor.Only the Chinese butchers sell it here.
    It turns up in some Italian sausage products here,home made mostly.Considered to strong a taste by a lot of people
    We have had massive storms,huge hailstorm,floods you name it. Price of a lot of veg is going to rise.
  10. disco

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    Terrific looking boudin. No boos in this boudin.

  11. foamheart

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    First I appoligize for my slow responce, we had a bit of weather here.

    Thank you, Every cusine has it, its just leftovers redefined in a handly carrying container. It became so popular during the resurance of Cajun Heritage that they now do it commercially.
  12. foamheart

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    Not really, only because I did it all from scratch for the thread. Everything would be left overs, and by packaging it in sausage its easier to carry. They also have deep fried boudin balls, meats stuffed with boudin, breakfast could be eggs and boudin patties, etc...

    The smoked is just the current fad.

    And thank you for the compliment.
  13. foamheart

    foamheart Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Thank you and yes sir, I do believe it found me.
  14. timberjet

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    I saw a video this morning of cars flying off a bridge in New Orleans. Incredible. Hope all is well there Kevin.
  15. foamheart

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    Its nature, we don't like anything we can't control. Thats why farmers are bigger gamblers that the casinos in Vegas. Well now they can get insurance, I know.....

    Its your basic peasant food that now is in the fad market and everyone Oooo and Ahhhhs about LOL. Silly people drive the prices up on the worst cuts making the best cuts of meat cheaper... Its just strange.

    Oh and BTW, its the only way I would ever eat liver as a kid, probably cause no one told me it was in the boudin.
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  16. daveomak

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    I ate it because mom put it on the plate.... "Here's your dinner my darling son".... "eat up".... "chocolate cake for desert".....
  17. foamheart

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    Thank you man, its really a regional food, kind of like those delicious looking fish nugget candy you guys up north all make.

    This is really good though, its above my normal best too! <Chuckles>
  18. foamheart

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    LOL... yeah that was after we had taken the brunt of it. There are folks today still without power. It was a a wind, with twisters, but its been 10 years since we've had a hurricane and all that death and near broken off in the trees are just hanging around waiting for a wind big to clean 'em out. Its also been raining pretty much constant for two weeks which makes the ground give up those big trees a lot easier.
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  19. foamheart

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    Dessert? If we were lucky it was cornbread crumbled up in sweet milk. Momma only did dessert on very special holidays. Mom put the food on the table, you had to wash your hands to sit, last one there got the look. After grace was said, you had to be the perfect balance of speed and grace because too fast you got in trouble and too slow you got what was left. LOL Theres a very thin difference between a boarding house reach and politely helpping yourself.
  20. daveomak

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    I think the chocolate cake was to make the liver look delicious....

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