Boston BUTT MES 40 using AMNPS - Heavy Q-View

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Dec 2, 2013
Picked up this 8lb Bone in Boston butt for my first attempt at pulled pork.

Applied some mustard then my DryRub which I switched to turbinado sugar for this butt. Wrapped her up then into the fridge for 24hrs.

Removed her from the saran wrap and hit her with another coat of Rub before she went into the smoker.

Pre-heated the smoker to 260 then added the AMPNS with half hickory half apple. After she got to temp added the butt (9pm). after about 30min I lowered the temp to 225 for the night then set the alarm on my phone for 1am to insert the temp probe from the new Maverick 733. At 1am I inserted the probe and IT was 143 out of the danger zone... AMNPS doing its job time for bed. 

Below is a peek at 9am after 12hrs. I then bumped the temp to 250

Almost ready just waiting for 202-205

Took her off IT 203

Doubled wrapped in foil and towels then put in the cooler for 2 hrs to rest. Bone fell right out and she pulled great.

I made a batch of SoFlaQuer  finishing sauce which was awesome.

All in all I'm very please with the way that it turned out. I would like to ask what others do after the pork has been pulled? Do you add the finishing sauce in right away to the entire batch, if so how much?

Also as you can see from the pictures above I caught all the dripping from the butt, after I added all the juice into a cup and put that in the fridge. Would it be a good idea to separate the fat then warm it back up and toss ALL the PP in that?

Since this was my first time I kept the pork natural and left the finishing sauce, melted down drippings, and some BBQ sauce all in self serve bottles to be added separately. 

Thanks to all I could not have done this without the help of this forum!!!
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