Beer Can Chicken

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Nov 26, 2019
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Morning again lol. Smoked some beer can chickens yesterday and wanted to share.

Used Yardbird Rub

I used pecan pellets and ran the smoker at 225° for the first hour

After one hour I bumped smoker up to 250°. I like using the method of walking my temp up as the cook progresses.

My view from the smoker

After 2 hours bumped the smoker to 300° and spritzed with beer every 15 mins

Couldn't let my chicken have all the fun

Pulled off smoker when IT was 165°. Waited a few and carved the birds.

Chicken was juicy with crispy skin

Some mac n cheese and garlic roasted red potatoes.
YUM! man I need to get back on my game. all these killer posts are makin my hungry!
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Them birds are enough to get me out in the cold and do a couple myself. Nice work as usual Jake
great job, one of my favorites. I do similar with a PORt-a-pit spritz (you have to be from Northern Indiana to fully grasp) opening and closing door to spritz helps with my new smokers shi$%y heat management. sORRY DIDN'T MAEAN TO BUMP POST


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Pretty color on them!! Looks tasty. I bet that walk up to 300F yielded good bite through skin. I’ve done the beer can chickens in my grill I’ll have to try in the smoker next time.
Nice color on them birds! Cool brew too! I just had Shiner's holiday cheer, there's pecan and peach in there, pretty good stuff if yours is similar.
They look damn tasty. What beer did you use?

I have done this a few times with Lemonade or Beer and never really get the taste of the Can, did you get the taste of the can goodness?

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