Pulled Chicken

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May 8, 2012
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So I am thinking of doing a smoked pulled chicken on the recteq today. I am unsure of the size of the bird since I haven't purchased it yet, so not sure if I can do the beer can chicken method in this case or not.

I've neve spatchcocked a bird yet so I am unsure whats involved there, but I wouldn't mind trying it. My question after that would if I should place it on the small interior shelf with a water pan underneath, or just put it right on the grill. I've yet to do anything without a water pan, unless you could times where I had a hole and the water dripped out lol.

As for shredding it, do you remove the skin and then shred? Or shred it with the skin on? I have a set of claws I use for my pork that should work for this. Do you shred every part of the bird? Or just breasts and thigh meat and leave the wings and legs alone to use for something else?

My plan is to make tacos with the chicken for dinner, but besides that and sandwiches, anyone have any other ideas?
I do mine on the stove . Might be something in this thread that you can adapt for the Pellet grill .

If you get a whole chicken , maybe break it down .
I've done deboned thighs and breast on the grill . Then braised in a foil pan until shreddable .
Edit : I do that without the skin .
I also like to use the ham injection from Dave . Fully cure then smoke .
Cut it up and shred it . To late for that this time , but maybe in the future .
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Well so I think in the future I’ll try without the water pan, to see if it takes on more smoke flavor. I also might start at a slightly lower temp since I think the pellet guy smokes more at lower temps.

Started out at 275, last 20 or so I bumped it up to 320. The skin was pretty crispy though for pulling it was discarded as the wife isn’t into it. (I did eat as much as I could before she tossed it lol). I would say most of the smoke flavor came from the darker meat than the white meat. I pulled it off when it hit 170-175. It was not dry at all, probably due to the water pan.

I rubbed it In Tennessee Smoke from spiceology which was pretty good. Everything came out good, but I know it could be better. I did start later than I wanted to, so that effected it.

I used bear mountain hickory pellets which had a nice flavor, and very little dust in the bag which was appreciated.

I also spatchcocked it.




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