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  1. I found a pork belly at Costco the other day. Yesterday I used Bear's recipe for a dry cure.  I ended up with four 2 lb slabs put them in zip loc bags and poured the measured cure in, worked it around in the bag.  I then put the bags in aluminum pans (zip side up) the in the refrigerator.  This morning I massaged and turned the bags but one of them had a bad seam and leaked a bit.  I put it in a Tupperware with as much brine as I could milk out of the bag and back in the frigde.  Because the is is only day one in the cure, should I mix up the dry cure and start over or am I good to go in the Tupperware?  Thanks folks.
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    There's no way to know how much cure has been absorbed into the meat. So I wouldn't start over. The safest line to take would be to cook/smoke that belly and have pork belly for dinner. That way it's not a complete loss.

    Better safe than sorry.
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    Hey Case, so after a day is starting over a potential health hazard ? Like the possibility of too much TQ ? Just curious, thanks Case !
  5. That's what we did. Rinsed, patted dry, let in sit for bit until it got a slight pellicle, put in the Traeger for 1 hr on smoke setting, then bumped  for about 3 hrs, bumped it up to 250, pulled it when it was 180.  Good supper and excellent pork belly sammiches with fresh tomato and guacamole. Came pout a little on the salty side though but there's none left.  Thanks for the input.
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    Not that it matters now but, you would have been fine taking what Brine you recovered and putting it in a new bag. Cure is still effective at much lower levels than what you started at. The very small amount you lost was inconsequential...JJ

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