A YUGE Prime Chuck Shoulder...

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Jun 28, 2022
The prime chuck shoulders I have been spit-roasting recently are typically right around 10-pounds and after trimming they are around 6-pounds. This one is a monster and is going to make beaucoup sangwiches!!! I never saw one this big!!!

This is the size I typically get:

I was going to buy two this size and spit-roast them side-by-side, give one to the wood guy while its hot, and save the second one for sangwiches! But I will have to roast the regular roast separately, give it to the wood guy, and roast the YUGE one the next day, and after it sits in the fridge for a day, make a bunch of NYC roast beast sangwiches for a few kind folks!

Its going to be a roast beef party! And I am sure going to have a lot of trim left over for burgers for the next few months!
Smaller of the two trimmed to the "heart" of the shoulder ($7.99 @ HEB) - slightly under 5-pounds but I trimmed this one much closer because the wood guy prefers the least fat possible.

Injected with Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce:

And into a Ziploc for an overnight rest in the fridge:

Now I have to grind trim into burgers...
While grinding up the trim for burgers (I do not like to let this wait I always grind, shape and freeze as quick as possible) I cut out a couple little steak medallions and, since I had a fire goin in the pit that I had coffee next to this morning, spinkled the steaks with SPOG and stuck them on a cooking fork and cooked them over the coals, and... MAN were they good!!! Off the charts good!!!

I thought they might be a little chewy as they came from the trim but damn they were tender, juicy and awesome flavor! Just great! Who the heck needs a rib steak when they can have this???

To me, there is nothing that comes close to the taste of chuck!
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The larger of the 2 shoulders - 7-lbs 2-ounces trimmed.

Injected with Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce and in a 2-gallon HEB Ziploc for the rest... The slash is how it came from HEB - its very shallow actually.

I had to call off cooking the smaller roast today because the wood guy forgot he had something to do with his family so I will cook it tomorrow, and cook this second roast on Tuesday.
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Did some math for the large shoulder
Roast = 7-lbs 2-oz
Steaks = 1-lb 6.4-oz
Burgers = 5-lbs
Total = 13-lbs 8.4-oz

CRYOVAC'd chuck shoulder = 15.54-lbs (15-lbs 8.6-oz) $93.08

15-lbs 8.6-oz
- 13-lbs 8.4-oz
2-lbs 0.2-oz fat and CRYOVAC bag.

13% waste = $12.10
$6.88/lb usable - not too bad.
Can't wait to see more of this cook.
If those steak medallions are any indication, you're in for a real treat.
I could not believe how good they were. Seriously every bit as good as any rib eye I have ever had - and I have had way more than my fair share - and better beefier taste!
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More fire roasted chuck shoulder steak medallions - man these things taste good and these are from the trim! I think I am going to buy a prime chuck shoulder and cut the heart (ie. the roast) into steaks and grill em and see if they turn out as good as these.

That's a big ol' slab of meat!! Both cooked pics look perfect though...as usual. you have those things down to a science. Simply beautiful!!

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