Cool weather seared prime chuck roast by RS

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A neighbor has been after me to teach him my seared chuck roast technique. So, I picked up a 3.55 lb prime chuck roast from HEB
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I gave both sides a good layer of Kosher salt, put it on a rack, and put in the fridge for 2-days.

Today was cooking day
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And this is the roast after 2-days of dry brining set on the counter for minimum 2-hours to come to room temperature - which is a few degrees cooler than in the middle of hell-mer here in the Ninth Circle of Hell...
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I started a nice fire and enjoyed the wonderful ambiance while waiting for the oak to burn down into usable coals

Since the weather was so wonderful and I was enjoying myself so much, I completely forgot to add any granulated garlic or ground pepper, or take any photos while cooking!!! Nevertheless, I cooked it 10-minutes each side and this is just off the grill before wrapping tightly in 2-layers of grill master aluminum foil, wrapping in a couple of towels, and then placing it in my microwave (because it is a small space that limits heat loss) and let it "rest" for exactly 90-minutes.
This is immediately after opening the foil up
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And this is sliced...
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It came out wonderful even lacking the garlic and black pepper - just awesome tasting. I am just a chuck man and it will never change and this is an awesome way to cook one. I am stuffed and I am enjoying a nice hot cup of French roast, black, and I have that happy goofy look on my face...


Good looking Cook! Love the dark bark with the perfect red center.


- Jason
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