A self confessed lurker

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Smoking Fanatic
Original poster
Sep 26, 2006
over the weekend at the SMF get together, all that were there met a young man who proclaimed himself to be an SMF lurker.

I would like to urge all of you, in an effort to help pull this delightful young man out of his SMF "closet" by sending him 2 or 3 PMs.

His screen name is Smokinmeat. Let's all also welcome him to the board.

Already sent mine... but there's always room for ONE more. Let's all lead him away from the looming fate of becoming Bashfulsmoker.
Hey Smokinmeat, come out ,come out where ever you are !!
Last activity was 7:29 am this morning... Maybe he needs some more encouragement
It seems our SMF lurker comes in to lurk a little after 7 am. He was here again today at 7:11a.m. Might be he needs more encouragement to jump into the light...

I hereby propose that another round of PM encouragement by all in the forum. It's a matter of principle now!
Might have to Jeff, if he forces our hand he must be able to feel the full effect of our actions.

Bashfulsmoker, come out, come out wherever you are.
Matt don't make us get shortone's boot involved in this! Get out here and ask some questions... I know you have lots of em cuz I heard some of them.

Might have to make a road trip to tar and feather him in that smoker he has!
Huuurrraayyyy... Matt just PM'd me to say he's been busy working all week, but will be smoking "something" this weekend.

Better make plenty smokinmeat... we're all coming over for dinner.

Keep Smokin
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